Sunday, July 17, 2016

Seoul Train Korean BBQ Restaurant Review

If you follow all my "Weekend Food Trips", you'll know my favorite dish is....KOREAN!
So when my good friend is coming back for a short vacation, the "barkada" decided to meet up for dinner!  And it was perfect timing that our friend opened up a restaurant at Quezon City called Seoul Train Korean BBQ Restaurant.

Why Seoul Train?  Well, the answer is right at the photo below....the restaurant looks exactly like you're inside a train.

It was a rainy evening so we didn't get the chance to take an outside photo!  But trust me when I say, you won't miss it!  You'll see a cute Green Train with an extremely helpful and friendly guard to lead the way!

Now one thing you have to know is that, seating capacity is limited so it is always better to call in for reservations before you visit the restaurant.  We already have a reservations because we are a big group, but I was a bit early so I enjoyed the ambiance (with choochoo train sounds pa ha!)  while my son enjoys the arcade claw machine!

While he was busy, I had the chance to take a breather and look around, there are cute cartoon, art and colors all around the train!  Concert posters are also posted and you definitely wouldn't mind waiting here!

Note: The evil "Pampaubos ng budget" machines! :P

And there he goes in action!  I'm glad he was kept busy while we wait for our friends to arrive!  Seldom do we find a restaurant were he gets to stay and not insist to leave!

We were lucky enough to book the VIP room!  The VIP room is available for a certain amount, please call in reservations to check on the consumable amount and the requirements.

This is a "charcoal grilling place", so expect to see a lot of "grill" and anti-smoke devices hanging inside the restaurant.  Since we have kids around, we opted to order for cooked dishes.

As to any Korean Restaurants, Seoul Train also offers Korean appetizers.

Pork, Chicken and Others BBQ

Haemul Pajeon
Korean Seafood Pancake

Galbi Tang 

Jap Chae
Php280.00 (Small) Php490.00 (large)

Truth be told, for someone who has dined in a LOT of Korean Restaurants and who manages to visit Korea as well for food-trip, I would say, the food is definitely Authentic and delicious!  Definitely MUST-TRY!  We will definitely go back as there are so many dishes in the menu that we like to try!  And of course, the "special sauce" they've been talking about!

Just like any "train", the place could get a bit "packed" so it is best to call in for reservations.  Just in case, it is advisable to bring in lots of patience because it could get REALLY Crowded, but at the end of the day, when yummy food is served, you'll forget all your troubles!

Seoul Train Korean BBQ Restuarant
28 Sergeant Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City,Diliman, Quezon City
Tel no: 632.287.2446

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Everything looks yum especially the seafood pancake. Koreans make the best savory pancakes and with all my cooking skills, I can't seem to make one well so I always have a craving for them.

  2. It just in Diliman? lol why didn't I notice it before (I've sent your blog post to our group).

    1. QC ha? You won't miss it around the area, bright green kasi the train :D


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