Thursday, August 18, 2016

So You Think You Want To Throw Away Etude House Cookie Blusher's Powder Puff? Read this!

Did you know that the Etude House Cookie Blusher aren't just cute to look at?  I've shared my love for these Cookie Blushers when I reviewed the shade Carrot Cheesecake and featured Peach Parfait in one of my "looks" tutorial.

That's why during my most recent Etude House visit, I can't help but pick another shade to add in to my "Cookie Blush" collection, this time, the shade is called Peach Choux Wafer.

A photo of Etude House Cookie Blusher in Peach Choux Wafer

Peach Choux Wafer is a muted matte peach pink shade.  It works so well on Fair to Medium skin, girls with darker complexion can still use this but this will come off as a face highlighter.

Now this blog post is not just about how Peach Choux Wafer looks on me, this blog post is focused on the cute blush puff that comes with the product.

a photo of Etude House Cookie Blusher in Peach Choux Wafer

As you all know, I've used 2 Cookie Blushers in the past and I almost toss the powder puff aside and pick up a blush brush instead!  Why?  As you all know, makeup puffs may be cute to look at but I find it gets dirty easily, oils, bacteria and dirt from the face gets transferred to the puff easily that I'm scared it will cause breakouts!

BUT, whenever I bring this with me for retouch, I tend to use the puff because I almost never bring extra makeup brush with me whenever I go out!  

And that's when I realized the PROS of using a Puff.

a photo of Etude House Cookie Blusher in Peach Choux Wafer

  • Powder Puff is a great tool when you want more pigment transferred on to your cheeks.
  • These puff helps "set" the foundation, BB Cream, Tinted Moisturizer or whatever base you used underneath.  They set better than using a brush!
  • Powder Puff won't "move" your concealer especially if you have acne-prone skin!  
The third reason is the major turnaround on why I'm loving these cutesy-patootsie blush puffs more than before!  I remembered readers emailing me asking me how to apply blush if they have pimples or acne marks right on their cheek area because no matter how much they hide it with foundation or concealer, blush application will make these hard-headed spots appear!  So the answer is.....

Use a blush puff like this one from Etude House and apply with soft patting motion!

a photo on how to use Powder Puff

Now how to clean these puffs you say? 

  • I like to fill a bolw half full with warm water and add at least 2 drops of mild liquid hand soap with anti-bacterial properties.
  • Mix the water with liquid soap and and submerge the makeup puff.
  • After a couple of minutes of swirling the puff into the soapy water, I use my fingers in gently rubbing off excess blush pigment on the exterior.
  • Remove puff and rinse off with water and let it sit on a clean towel to air dry.
  • Never blow-dry your puff.
  • Never leave it on directly sunlight.

Before and After
Shade: Peach Choux Wafer
a before and after photo of Etude House Cookie Blusher in Peach Choux Wafer

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blushers are available in ALL Etude House Stores near your priced affordably at Php348.00 (approx $7.50).

Do you like the color Peach Choux Water on me?
Do you enjoy tips like these?  Comment below so I'll share more!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Ha! I love using the puffs of these types of blushes because the effect on the skin is really good--something you won't achieve with a brush.

  2. Even though I want the to use the puff...I still want it to remain clean and it breaks my heart to use a product with cute packaging lol! Anyway I notice that your brows is done a bit bolder than your usual brows.

    1. hahahahha yes, minsan , may pagbabago! hahahha

  3. I remember what you said in your workshop about using sponges instead of brushes ;) That color looks awesome! Nakakahinayang gamitin yung ganyang puff, but you changed my mind hehe

  4. I have the same blush in a different colour! :) I also love the puff it comes with!

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