Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How To: Day Time Look Using Single Shadow

You know how it is when you wake up in the morning with only a few minutes to prepare so you can look your best for an important day?  


And as you rummage through your eyeshadow stash, you get all those colors after colors and you finally give up and just apply an eyeliner, curl you lashes and apply mascara then off you go!  

Well, you can actually create impact to your eyes with just a SINGLE SHADOW!  Yes, you read it right, A SINGLE SHADOW!  This tutorial is perfect especially for YOU who have the same eye shape as I do!  Monolids, Droopy lids, hey!  I'm pointing right at yah! :P

But of course, if your eye shape does not fall on the category I mentioned above, feel free to do the same "Single Shadow" technique because trust me, it will look even more amazing on YOU than on me!


Highlight palette for the week, THIS!  I've been using this palette non-stop because who does not like Nudes?  I know I can't have too many nude palettes because they are just amazing!

A closer look on the shades.
Quick review, all these shades will work on both cool and warm skin tone, they would work for most Filipinas, BUT!  There's a but, pigmentation on some shadows aren't as good but hey, with the help of a cream shadow or eyelid primer underneath?  Nothing can stop us now....(sings)

Swatch on Upper Level Shadows from The Nudes Palette
Some I had to swatch a couple of times for the color to show up!  The most pigmented and my favorite shade of all?  4th from left!  The nice copper brown shadow that pops!

Next favorite?  The one I will use solely for this tutorial!  Any guesses?

Swatch on Lower Level Shadows from The Nudes Palette 
First 4 shades are amazing!  They are the perfect browns, golden brown and dark shimmering brown shades that I would call --- instant eye popper!

The right most shade which is matte black isn't as pigmented as MAC Carbon but it is okay enough for first-timers because if it is too pigmented, you'll probably end up with Panda-looking eyes!

Now are you ready with the single shadow I will be using?

The matte gray-ish brown shade that can even work as a "contour" or "brow" shade if you have fair skin!  This is the most "ignored" shade probably for most first-time shadow wearers but let me tell you this....always start with the most "blah" shades and work with more colors once you get the hang of your eye shape!

This I call my perfect "shadow" shade because it gives depth to my eye without the obvious "I applied eyeshadow" effect.  The matte finish is perfect to "hide" puffy eyes like mine!

How to apply?  Look straight to the mirror and gently apply with wiper motion!  Always start with the least amount of product adding layer by layer depending on your preference.

See how such boring shade on pan can give an instant "oomph" on my face?  That is enough to last through the day making me look more "made up" without much make up on!

Finish Etude House Lovely COokie Blusher in #10 Peach Parfait.

And simple lip tint from Etude House called Dear Darling Tint in Shade 01.

Tadah!  My Day Time Look with just a single shadow shade and very basic blush and lip color!

I can give my son a thousand kisses and hugs without having to worry about my makeup transferring on him!  And oh, I look way more human than without any makeup!  Promise!

Given the chance to just pick 1 single eyeshadow shade, 
which particular color/shade would you pick?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Y'know, i don't like the color brown because I find it boring.... But I've been doing the one color eyeshadow ever since because well.. I suck at blending. Anyway, since I've been doing one color eyeshadow, I realize I reach out to my browns more than any other color! So yeah, brown for me.. :)

    1. hahahhaha same here, when it comes to shadows, brown is the safest talaga :D

  2. I have a similar shade from Etude that I call my Every SIngle Day shadow :)) it works with everything!


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