Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My K-Palette Picks Event

If I were to choose top 3 K-Palette products, it took me some time to really think about it but I went for the top 3 I can't live without on a daily basis --- personally and professionally speaking!

1. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner in Black and Brown
2. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyepencil in Brown
3. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Mascara in Shade 101

Okay there are around 4 products there but I just can't separate the black and brown eyeliner because I consider them ONE, they MUST be bought together because a woman should own at least 1 brown and 1 black liquid liner.

But obviously, K-Palette is MORE than my top 3!

Let us not forget those wonderful mascaras!  From Magic 1Day Fiber Mascaras to 1Day Lash Perm Long Curl Mascara Waterproof, hey, let's not forget the 1Day Lash Perm Volume Curl Waterproof.
They are not only the leader in eyebrow products but also lashes!  They have everything that would suit our specific lash needs!


Then, just when we thought their brow mascaras are enough, they came up with Lasting 2Way Eyebrow 24H products in several shades.  I've been using these on clients and they are amazed on the longevity and I was able to convert some of them into a K-Palette loyalists!

Looking at the K-Palette "buffet", I realized, how many products I own and use on both personal and professional level and how much I depend on them!  That said, they are definitely "unsung heroes" in worth giving the time of day!  That's why no matter how busy my schedule was that day, I told myself I have to attend K-Palette's Thanksgiving event because really, any brow, mascara and eyeliner lovers would KNOW and USE this brand!

And just when I thought the "Buffet" spread was already an eye-candy, K-Palette Philippines have so much in store for us!

First things first, the event was hosted by talented and funny Bianca Valerio.  Who loves her hair and haircolor as much as I do? 

Opening remarks from K-Palette Philippines Ms. Cheryl Tan Chua and K-Palette Japan.

Highlight of the afternoon?  Bento Box Workshop from Bento Mommas!  I got extremely excited because it is my first time to create my own Bento Box and as expected, I felt like a kid all over again!  I can't wait to re-create what I learned for my son when he goes to school!

Having so much fun with Angela!

Sorry for the blurry photo, I had plastic gloves on but here's AMW Bento Box!

And who would've thought my Instagram posts won me Php10,000 worth of K-Palette products?  THANK YOU SO MUCH TO WHOEVER PICKED ME!!!!

The prize was huge!  Definitely sharing some of the content with AMW readers!  Watch out for contest soon!  So please follow me on IG, FB and Twitter because the contest could be anywhere!  @AskMeWhats

Congratulations K-Palette Philippines for bringing in so many wonderful K-Palette goodies to us Filipinas!  I used to shop online for these products so seeing them readily available at Beauty Bars nationwide and select Rustan's made me realize how lucky I am!

What are your TOP 3 K-Palette picks?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I realized lately that K-Palette should've been released here in PH earlier. :) So I did not end up trying a lot if eyebrow products before :D

    Congratulations Nikki!

    1. ahhh I know what you mean, they are talaga the brows authority!

  2. wow! congrats ms nikki! i love kpalette two way brow pencil it is a girl-must have in their vanity kit!


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