Tuesday, August 23, 2016

AMW Workshop Series Part 3: Waterproofing Your Makeup *FULL*

Last March, I kicked off AMW Workshop Series as my own personal brand of workshop series to teach as many women I can the ways to make oneself feel beautiful both from the outside and inside.  It was a lovely surprise, and a gift from God when I got in more requests to do the 2nd workshop which I happily did last May which I coined Perfecting Your Base.  

Thinking it would be the last of the year, I gave my all!  But, fast forward to a couple of weeks after the workshop, I get random emails, IG and FB messages requesting me to follow up with a 3rd workshop!  And guys, malakas talaga kayo sa akin!  Your wish is definitely my command!  And because I've been doing "targeted and focused" workshops for the first 2, I knew I had to think of something unique and exciting for the third --- totoo na to, Last for this year!  


The workshop was inspired by the extreme condition of our weather!  The sudden outpour of rain then instant summer for the next hour.  I was there, sitting right outside the school of my son, feeling "hulas" and wondering what CAN be done to create an everyday makeup look minus the grease and the "hulas" feel.  Galing ng inspiration ko no?   hahaha

So I went up to brands whom I trust and believe in when it comes to makeup artistry, thankfully they all said YES!

Super wonderful line up of sponsors no?  I'm so excited for you guys!  What are you waiting for?  Click HERE to register NOW!  The registration fee is priced at Php2,500 and not only do you get to learn makeup tips and tricks, you also get to try out delicious snacks and drinks from The Rabbit Hole!!!

Once you registered, please check your email because I will be sending an email for payment options!  This is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis!  

See you soon!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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  3. Registered😊 please count me in Ms. Nikki tagal ko nag hihintay 3rd workshop mo😊

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    1. Next year na! But follow me on Instagram @askmewhats I have a couple of workshops coming up with brands :D


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