Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What's a Verve Life?

When we talk about people with "Active Lifestyle", we immediately think about those who love to go to the gym, those who run, those who are "physically moving". 

For me, someone who is active does not only contain to those descriptions above, I can call myself a really "active" person for the fact that I have this need to be Productive all day!  I have a lot of stuff to be done in a day and truthfully, MUSIC definitely plays a HUGE role in my daily life!  Feel free to ask my close friends, they know I jiggle and wiggle my way to work!

So when Motorola invited me to learn about the VERVE Life, I knew this is something I would be interested in because their aim is to give people with an active, social lifestyle more freedom and connection to the world around them.  Someone just like YOU and ME!

Thankfully, brands like Motorola created VerveLife, this is designed for people who ant to have it all, and are determined to get what they want.  The brand is moving towards a wireless age and they recognize our needs NOT to be physically restricted.

Seriously, who dislikes wires and cables as much as I do?  Comment if you agree!

Now what is included in the Motorola VerveLife?

A collection of wireless video and audio products that allows consumers full freedom to enjoy life and stay connected.  Products such as ---

Verve Rider and Verve Rider+

Verve Rider+ Black Orange (Php3,950.00)
Verve Rider Black (Php2,950.00)

True Wireless earbuds

Motorola Verve Ones Black (Php9,950.00)

Verve Loop+

Aside fromt hose audio devices, they also offers Motorola VerveCam+, this is a QHD live-streaming lifestyle camera.

Motorola HK255 Bluetooth Headset

And this is my favorite wireless headphone!  It's in gold and white guys!

And a weighing scale!

I took home Verve Rider+ Black Orange and so far, I'm really enjoying the comfort and sound quality it gives!  And oh, did I just say it's wireless?  I can listen to music even when I do house chores!

Motorola VerveLife Products are available in all Digital Walker stores, Astroplus/Astrovision, Mobile 1, The InboxStore, Listening Room, Gadgets in Style, Games and Gadgets.

What's your favorite VerveLife product/s?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The Verve Rider+ Black Orange will definitely match my shoes.

    1. sinabi mo! super nice the combo of orange and black

  2. Hi Nikki, do you have more pictures about the other products that are not verve life? I would love to see the other headphones, the scale and what seems to look like a tablet.



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