Sunday, August 14, 2016

AMW x Dynamic Youth Workshop Series: Makeup 101 with Nikki Tiu

Dear Lord:
Thank you so much for making my dreams come true!  I cannot ask for more but just guidance and wisdom for me to continue doing what I love to do.


That prayer stands true, I thank God each and every day on the blessings I receive after I announced the launch of AMW Workshop Series last February 2016.  Who would've thought I've done a total of 4 workshops for this year?  And a 5th one coming up before the year ends!  And one Filipino-Chinese association Dynamic Youth, Inc. partnered with AMW Workshop Series to create 2 workshops for their members.

This poster was printed and posted at Liberty Hall, Buenavidez.

"Dynamic Youth Inc, a non-profit organization, founded in 1954 has a goal of promoting and maintaining the Chinese culture and language among the Filipino-Chinese youths by sending them to a study tour every summer, and officially inducting them as members of the community after the tour. With more than 10,000 members all over the archipelago, Dynamic Youthcontinues to be bonded by charitable projects to share our blessings to the less fortunate, and also fun activities like basketball, photography classes, badminton, zumba classes and more. In line with this, Dynamic Youth has decided to partner up with Ms. Nikki Tiu to hold make-up classes for our members who want to learn the how-to's of proper make-up application."

It was held 2 Sundays of July and it was one experience I will NEVER forget.

Dynamic Youth, Inc. & AMW Workshop Series 
Makeup 101 for Novice

Thanks to my beautiful model Deluck

The novice workshop focuses on skincare using Burt's Bees products.
I also went ahead and taught participants how to use BB Creams, CC Creams, Concealers and Foundation.  Thanks to Cathy Doll for providing BB cream for the participants.

Even for Beginners, I also went ahead and teach them Brow Techniques using Benefit Cosmetics's newest brow collection.  I also did very simple eyeshadow makeup application for beginners with the gorgeous Etude House Eyeshadow Palette and Kate by Kanebo eyeshadow.

The participants had a blast getting their free Tony Moly Eyelash Curler because I want to stress out the importance of doing the "right curl" to open up the eyes.

Poise Cosmetics also shared their top-selling lip glosses to each participant so they also get to pucker-up and have sexy lips!

Of course, all the tools used are from Nippon Esthetics, from exfoliation technique using sponge and extra eyebrow shavers to clean up their brows.  Archaic Era also provided brush sets to EACH participant and personalized fragrances.

Thanks to Biogenic Alcohol for sanitizing the hands of the participants before they touch their faces, and of course, the lovely digits each participant will have after they try GirlStuff Polishes.

First batch 

With Mark Lao, our dear Photographer (from Trio Photography) and the guy who recommended me to Dynamic Youth, Inc.!  Thank you so much!

And the 2nd workshop batch arrived!  And the day was made more important as I was told the workshop will be featured on a Taiwan TV Channel!

With Model Justine.

In this batch, we have a FULL house!  We got everyone from ALL ages who come in with similar goal, to learn how to prettify themselves, make themselves feel confident and good with the help of makeup artistry.

Brow techniques.
I had to get off the stage to teach each student one at a time.

 Concealing techniques shared on each student with various concerns.
Undereye darkness, puffiness.  Red spots, acne marks, sun spots etc...

Class Picture of Batch 2

Thanks Mr. Sam Ong for the interview and for featuring the workshop!

The feature  (in Mandarin)

Thanks sponsors and thanks for the goodies!
Not printed on poster pictured above (as the sponsorship wasn't finalized when it was printed out), shoutout to Leaders Insolution for the face masks and Archaic Era for the brush sets and personalized fragrances.

Thanks Dynamic Youth, Inc., Mr. Dom Hao and his team for helping me with these 2 workshops!  It was my pleasure to share my knowledge and both skincare and makeup PLUS, get to meet more friends!

There will be more workshops coming soon!
I hope to meet YOU my dear readers someday!
*group hug*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I see a couple of familiar name & faces! One's my choir instructor in high school, and the other two were my former colleagues, hehe. by the way Ms. Nikki, you speak Mandarin very well! ^_^

    1. talaga? My sister knew a lot of people there too! :D

  2. Yeah the workshop looks fun! #wewantmore


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