Tuesday, August 9, 2016

AskMeMom: Kyle's Baon!

When Kyle started preschool, I have so many issues I have to deal with!

  1. Parking space at his preschool.
  2. What to do as I wait for him under the sun without good internet signal.  (3 full hours)
  3. The snack that I need to prepare for him on a daily basis.  (Di na pwede yung cookies ng cookies sawa na din si Kyle!)
I know I know, these aren't even issues to begin with but if you're a first-time mom, you just to make sure everything is smooth-flowing for your kid! Imagine the excitement when I recently got Lady's Choice sandwich spread in Roast Beef  and Chicken BBQ !  The 2 new variants inspired me to do this!

As you all know, one of the bonding moments I do with Kyle Nash is to have him sit beside me whenever I prepare his food!  I want him to be part of everything I do --- a bonding moment na din between us!

Truth be told, it is a first for him to try both spread, he didn't like it at first but after seeing me and his dad devour both sandwiches, he finally went ahead and had his first real bite!  So far, it was a success!  He liked it!

So I'm definitely adding this to his daily "snack menu" in school!  
He is leaning more on the Chicken BBQ Spread variant and both Mr. AMW and I loved the Roast Beef Spread!

Lady’s Choice Chicken BBQ Spread and Lady’s Choice Roast Beef Spread are now available at leading supermarkets nationwide. 

Mommies, are you team Chicken?  Or Beef?
Any other snacks or merienda suggestions for toddlers like Kyle?

Kep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Beacause of this post I missed going to school hahha :D

  2. Trail mix or a bag of mixed nuts, egg sandwich, and sushi rice balls make good bacon.

    1. hahahah wow, sosyal ka sis ! love trail mix :D


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