Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How to Kiss Aging Goodbye?

One of my ultimate anti-aging secret is to stay happy!  I kow it's easier said than done!  I've had my fair share of problems and challenges, but as I always share to my friends: "Live each day like there's no tomorrow."  That really works.

BUT, as much as staying happy is the key to looking youthful, I can't control mother nature!  It is normal for every human being to "age" due to stress and bad habits!  Unfortunately, laughing too much can also add up to aging!  *sniff* Okay, that's complicated, stay happy but NOT TOO HAPPY!

But instead of controlling my inner happiness, I'd rather do something on the exterior!  How?  By using anti-aging products!  I may have started out late (around 28 or 29?).  But for YOU my dear young readers, it's never too early to start taking care of your skin, body and HAIR (yes!  Hair!) 

 a photo of Watsons Kisses Aging Goodbye campaign-nikki tiu

Thankfully, Watsons (my favorite one-stop beauty store) came up with a campaign that will remind each one of us to start taking care of ourselves as early as 20s with their latest anti-aging campaign --- KISS AGING GOODBYE!

The event was hosted by pretty mommy Patty Laurel-Filart
a photo of Watsons Kisses Aging Goodbye campaign

This campaign is all about teaching customers how to prevent the negative effects of aging by taking care of themselves inside and out.  

Now we all established how to feel good on the inside, now how to keep yourself looking young on the outside?  So many products to choose from!

Topicals and creams (like L'Oreal Dermo Expertise Revitalift Range, Collagen by Watsons, etc...) are a great start to your anti-aging regimen, but, we usually stop there!  To maintain the "holistic approach", to take care on what's inside!

Calcium, collagen are just some of the many important nutrients we need to add to help smoothen fine lines, lighten dark spots and prolong the aging process!  (Ex. iVi Collagen Ready-to-Drink)

a photo of Watsons Kisses Aging Goodbye campaign

Check out Watsons Kiss Aging Goodbye Sale!
a photo of Watsons Kisses Aging Goodbye campaign
 a photo of Watsons Kisses Aging Goodbye campaign

What I learned during the event that's worth sharing ---

  • If you want to keep your beauty longer, keep your beauty bases covered from nutrition to skincare, inside and out.
  • It is never too young to start looking old.  Start preventive maintenance in your early 20's.  
  • Watson's is a store to be when you want beauty advice, amazing products and fantastic prices!
Congratulations Watsons Philippines Team!

a photo of Watsons Kisses Aging Goodbye campaign

Also, if you are shopping, look for products with sticker and get to win amazing prizes!!!
A total of 1,000,000 shopping credits anyone?
a photo of Watsons Kisses Aging Goodbye campaign
Seriously, it's never too late to start taking care of your skin, even if you didn't start in your early 20's, you can always start TODAY!

a photo of Watsons Kisses Aging Goodbye campaign-nikki-tiu

What's your favorite anti-aging product/s from Watsons?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm 23 and I start using sublock regularly at the age of 17 Pretty much on the right track because of your influence Ms. Nikki :D

    1. that is so wonderful! I'm happy to influence you! :D


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