Friday, August 12, 2016

Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer Review

Thank God for my "brow genes" because they always look full even without applying much brow products!  BUT, as a make up artist, one challenging "Brow Issues" I always get from clients is: "How to make my brows appear fuller?"  

It was a blessing to make up artists like myself when Benefit came out with Gimme Brow, I have mentioned in this blog, on workshops and in person (to clients) so many times that it is my ultimate faking "full" brows secret!  

BUT, the thing about Gimme Brow is that I can't seem to use it or depend on it for clients who already have full brows BUT sparse on some areas, or maybe, full brows but each brow hair has a mind of their own!  

Benefit's Biggest Brow Collection this year 2016 covers ALL brow issues, and one of my issue was solved!  With the newest Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer!

And adding to my requirements, this is also a Brow Primer, meaning, whatever brow products I put on client will last LONGER!  Double YAY!

a photo of Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer

Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer Says ---

a photo of Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer

It’s a brow RE-appearing act with this nutrient-rich eyebrow primer! Worn alone BROWVO! conditions & smooths brows.  Worn as a primer it enhances & extends the wear of other brow products.  This conditioning formula contains keratin & soy proteins known to help brows look THICKER, HEALTHIER & FULLER. Signature Tips & Tricks included!
  • All-in-one eyebrow serum
  • Clear gel suits all brows
  • Custom soft-touch applicator
3.0 mL / 0.1 fl. oz.
AMW says --- 
  • Easy to use.
  • The rubber applicator is a genius and feels relaxing to use!
  • Brows appear fuller, thicker and darker.
  • Brow products (like powder) stay longer.
  • Nutrient rich primer with keratin and soy proteins so this is good for my brows!
  • Brows feel smooth and soft.


  • So far, I have been treating this as a makeup (not brow care product) so I haven't been using this much to see results on healthier-brows.

An instant-brow hair tamer, brows appear thicker, fuller and made-up even without applying much brow products.


  • Can be applied on its own or prior to any other brow products.
  • Best used with the rubber applicator.
  • A little goes a long way!  
  • First time users may need to click this product a couple of times (approximately 20-30 times) before the product starts to appear.
  • Clean the rubber tip after every use with alcohol.
  • Applied too much?  Use a spoolie to remove excess primer!  Too much primer will result to fake-looking, obviously made-up brows.

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
All brow product users may want to add this in their brow collection!  I find this works for all brow types, whether full or sparse, it just works!

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Benefit counters for Php1,600 (approx $36.40)

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Packaging.  Housed in gorgeous metallic silver packaging.
a photo of Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer

Rubber Tip with mini bristle to reach out EACH brow hair.
a photo of Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer

The bottom portion is where you twist the desired amount of product to be dispensed.
a photo of Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer

Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer us a clear gel-like formula that goes on clear when applied on brows.

As for application, I like to massage the rubber tip on my brows.
Optional: You may use a separate spoolie to remove excess primer if you applied too much.
a photo of how to apply Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer

Before and After
For someone who already has thick brows, I am amazed how it can still make my brows appear fuller, darker and healthier (because of the extra shine).  Don't fret about the wet-looking brows as it dries up pretty quickly after a couple of minutes.

a before and after photo of Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer

How do you find Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer?
Do you think you need this Brow primer?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Cool! I just use olive oil for my brows but Benefit just landed in SM Seaside Cebu :)

  2. Wow this is really nice. Probably the best brow product u have featured so far. That is if it looks that great in person as much as in the pics. This is coming from someone who has naturally full brows.

  3. I have sparse brows but the strands are thick and too black and my remedy is to put on brow mascara if I changed my hair color BUT, I have oily skin so most makeup I put on my skin mid day slides off lol! Glad you mention that it will help may brow makeup last :D

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