Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Current Hair Situation

Dry, blah, wild and crazy!
Yes, those are just some of the adjectives to describe my current hair situation!  I've done Balayage  ala Hairshaft-style 2 months ago and because of my extremely busy schedule (Kyle Nash going to preschool and all), I can never sit inside a salon for longer than 2 hours because seriously, who has time for that if you have so much stuff to do?

BUT, on rare days like an event at Podium where Hairshaft is located, I rushed to the extremely busy and packed salon after Watsons Kiss Aging Goodbye event.  Thankfully, they accommodated me even with a full house!  

As much as I'm tempted to have my Balayage refreshed or maybe change a new hair color, I just had to go for what I really need!  A hair treatment (for my parched hair) and another session of Brazilian Blowout because I can literally see some "frizziness" creeping through from my roots!  (Not a good sight guys!)

Now looking back at my most recent Hairshaft visit post, naka-red din pala ako nun!  Why do I have this tendency to wear red everytime I visit the salon?  Must be the excitement?  Or maybe I just want to belong!  (check out their wall in this photo)

Nikki with the masters
#Dennisign, #Fredified, #Orbelifico. #Miguelized and #Carled

That day, Ian was the one who assisted me, he has amazing massage skills!  All my tension knots were gone in an instant after just a few minutes of back massage!  Thanks Ian!

Now on to the treatment, the treatment was done at the wash area, he massaged the hair treatment as I lay down and relax.  Once my hair was washed, I can immediately feel the "smoothness" of my hair!  Then I was off to my "spot" where Brazilian Blowout will be done!  You'll know it's "The Area" where they have fans available.  

Now, I've blogged about Brazilian Blowout in my past Hairshaft Salon Service Review, but I will give you more information about this service.

Brazilian Blowout is different from the usual Rebonding treatment we know!  This is a smoothing treatment (not straightening) that can actually help improve the condition of our hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz!

With the strong scent of the chemical, I was a bit worried on how it may damage my hair.  I was assured though that this is actually the ONLY Smoothing Treatment that can actually improve the health of hair.

So far, this is my 2nd Brazilian Blowout and experience was great!  That explains the return for such service.

Now here's the quick process that takes approximately 60-90 minutes.  The chemical was applied all over my hair, Ian left it for 30 minutes and that's when he returns and blow dry each section!  This is the time where you need exhaust because you can definitely see the chemical evaporating right before your eyes!

Note from AMW:  It may sting your eyes a bit but nothing too painful!

As much as I'd love them to leave my gorgeous looking hair like that, they have to proceed for the next step --- Flat Iron each section!  Thankfully, the masters were free so I had 2 of them ironing my hair!  With Miguel on the side giving me the laughter I deserve!

Dennis was also there!  He's usually at BGC branch, look for him if you are near that branch!

My hair looks and feel light, my hair color is more vibrant than ever!  Now, typing this blog post, I'm on day 6 and I've washed my hair several times and I couldn't be happier on how smooth, frizz-free and radiant my hair looks!

BIG QUESTION, how long will this last?  My last Brazilian Blowout treatment lasts approximately 2 months before I started to see some frizziness peeking its' ugly head!

Brazilian Blowout costs around Php7,500 (for long hair), less if you have short hair.
Hair treatment starts around Php1,000.

Hairshaft salon 
3rd Floor Podium
tel. no: 632-638-2040 

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