Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hairshaft Balayage and Brazilian Blowout Review

If you follow me on Instagram (@AskMeWhats), you've probably seen this photo of me smiling THIS BIG while caressing my tresses!  hahaha Silly me, but that's how I feel whenever I touch my hair --- giddy AND silly!  I am so in love with my refreshed Balayage Ash Tone Brown Color which is a Signature Tone that I've done for the second time around at Hairshaft Podium under the magical hands of Fred Penales.

a photo of Hairshaft Balayage and Brazilian Blowout

If you follow my "hair color" journey, you know that I've done a lot of hair coloring for the past years!  I've done "boxed treatment" (Hello Revlon and L'Oreal!), I've done random salon visits and recently, it was with HairShaft Salon that I got the MOST COMPLIMENTS!

Whenever I post photos of me reviewing a product or me endorsing ANOTHER product, readers tend to comment about my hair and ask what the color it is!  So today, is the day, I'm formally spilling the beans!  (May formal pa talaga!)  

I have to thank my dear friend Angela for introducing me to HairShaft Salon!  Given my busy schedule, I wouldn't go ALL the way to Podium to have my hair done if not because of the constant "Hair Date" invite from Lush Angel I had to give in!  (hehehe, napilitan pa talaga ako no?)  But seriously, I have to thank her for introducing me to the master of hair color Fred because I really love the result!  It was actually a planned hair-date with both Angela and Alyssa but we weren't able to take photos together!

Now let's talk about Hairshaft Salon, they have a branch at Podium, Fort and recently, I spotted a soon-to-be-opend HairShaft Salon on my turf!  Robinsons Place Ermita!  I haven't visited the other branches because I want to make sure Mr. Fred is there whenever I visit the Podium Branch.  Thankfully, he was there giving all smiles to ALL the customers no matter how jampacked the salon was when I visited last week!  

For the first time, the Hair-OC in me took a rest and told them: "You do your thing!  You know what works for me!"  And sat on the chair and wait for the magic to happen.

a photo of Hairshaft Balayage and Brazilian Blowout

This was how "dry" and "blah" my hair looks before color and treatment.

a photo of Hairshaft Balayage and Brazilian Blowout

What they did was called "Balayage".  To those who are not accustomed with the term, Balayage is a better and more sophisticated version of "highlights".  Balayage is more low maintenance and natural to look at because the highlight is focused more on "random areas" starting from mid-shaft of the hair to the ends making the result to be extremely natural even when hair starts to grow!  You won't see the "chopped color" look!

Once a friend told me: "I love how your roots start to show but the overall effect is like Ombre!"  That was music to my ears!

Now the color, my friends, obviously got 2 thumbs up from me!  Now, I went ahead and tried Brazilian Blowout!  The last time it was offered to me, I politely declined because I just went through a Permanent Blowout with Keratin Essence Hydrating Masque Experience at Design Studio Salon!  Since it has been more than 6 months since my last Blowout, I've decided to go for Brazilian Blowout from Hairshaft salon which I was told will take only 45 minutes to 1 hour max (which is super important for me as I just can't spend too much time inside the salon!)

The process was really quick, the treatment was applied on my hair leaving it for 20 minutes or so.  After the treatment is "dried" and my hair actually felt "tacky" after this process, no rinsing was required (which shocked me!), they blowdried my hair making it fuller and bouncier then ironed repeatedly to seal in the treatment.   By this time, I tried touching my hair again and the tacky-feel was gone!  It felt like magic!  *laughs* 

Now the thing is, I didn't expect anything after that day but after washing my hair, I felt the "change"!  My hair feels smoother, softer and definitely looks shinier and healthier!  I was surprised considering how light the color of my hair was and how "damaged, brittle and dry" they usually feel after each coloring session!  

Keep in mind that Brazilian Blowout won't straighten your hair!  What it can do is reduce frizziness, keep your hair color looking vibrant while your hair feeling soft, smooth and easy-to touch.  After a week, my hair can be the wash-and-wear kind!  It doesn't look as bouncy as on photo below but it definitely has more life to it than usual.

a photo of Hairshaft Balayage and Brazilian Blowout

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Yep. You give me hair envy. Your hair never looked so good!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ann! :) See you soon!

    2. Yeah I can't wait for 25th the anticipation seems like I'm waiting for Christmas lol!

    3. tapos na! nice to meet you, hope you had fun

  3. how much is Brazilian Treatment in Hairshaft? i'm so happy that you have discovered their salon, been hearing good reviews about it. I also tried Brazilian Treatment last December and my hair still looks good up to date :)

    1. Hi sis, the price range depends on your hair length, hair thickness , you may ask them to quote before you proceed. But I gave an estimate amount here


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