Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Permanent Blowout® with Keratin Essence Hydrating Masque Experience at Design Studio Salon

Yes, I'm a hair addict! 
No, you won't see me walking around the busy streets sniffing other peoples' hair (that's extremely creepy!)  I am addicted in taking care of my OWN hair! :P

Since turning into a mom, my haircare routine changed drastically and I almost never get to visit the salon just because I prefer spending my free time with the little one rather than spending it inside the salon!  

But, when I chanced upon Deal Grocer's recent deals under the Beauty section, I knew I had to grab this rare opportunity especially since my good friend Jackie Go was raving about their services!  

It was more than 3 hours "away-time" from Kyle but it was all worth it!  Once in a year lang naman to anak!

a photo of The Permanent Blowout® with Keratin Essence Hydrating Masque Experience at Design Studio Salon

62% OFF from Php11,200 to Php4,200
For this deal, I get The Permanent Blowout and Keratin Essence Hydrating Masque treatment valid for any length and hair thickness but you have to make sure you are not pregnant, lactating.  Women who have currently bleached their hair or you have undergone Re-bonding, Perming, Brazilian Blowout, or Keratin Blowout within 8 months shouldn't even think about availing this service! 

I actually like how the terms are all clearly written on the site!  

(P.S.  It was sold out when I took a screenshot but I believe they re-opened this deal and you can still avail this service!)

The Permanent Blowout® with Keratin Essence Hydrating Masque Experience at Design Studio Salon

It was a quiet Sunday when I visited the salon and I couldn't have picked a better day!  The salon is located along Arnaiz Avenue Makati near Greenbelt Residences.  The interior of the salon screams modern and almost "homey".

And that's a perfect way to spend 3 long hours of treatment!

Once seated, I was shown their menu of services with an iPad.  At the same time, I was offered coffee, tea or water and a couple of magazines to read.



I've been to a lot of salons in the Metro and what sets Design Studio Salon apart from the rest?  Their high-tech rinsing chairs that can transform into a "bed"!  So you get your hair rinsed fully while laying flat on your back!  I may have to add the extra comfort the neck support gives as well!  I was so thankful when my Essence Hydrating Masque treatment was done in this chair because I wouldn't mind spending a couple more minutes in this chair as opposed to other salons where I just want to get out of the hair rinsing area due to discomfort!

Another added value to their service?  The fact that they knew how we are attached to our electronic device!  The cape has a transparent plastic cover where you can check your electronic device without having to put your arms outside of the cape!  This innovation helps protect your gadget from hair chemicals!

I am so used to having my hair done so I do know each steps by heart!  But, all thanks to Ms. A from Design Studio Salon, she made sure I know whatever "treatment" she needs to put on my hair. 

Hair Straightening Tool done layer per layer!
Just so you know, they concentrated more on the "Regrowth" area where it starts to get wavy.

After Permanent Blowout, my hair was treated with Keratin Essence Hydrating Masque which actually kept my hair soft and shiny UNTIL THIS VERY DAY!  Total days count: 9 days after treatment.  

Thanks Ms. A of Design Studio Salon for keeping me company!

I apologize I didn't take before photo of my hair because I curled my hair for an event I attended prior to this salon visit.

But look how my 4 month old hair color looks so vivid after the treatment.  
After photo of The Permanent Blowout® with Keratin Essence Hydrating Masque Experience at Design Studio Salon

I was tipped by Ms. A not to wash my hair for the next 3 days, if I may need to do so, I can start by conditioning my hair more and shampoo may follow a couple of days after.  The Permanent Blowout® may last 8-10 months depending on how well I take care of my hair!

Overall, I am very happy with my hair and the service I got!  You may purchase the deal like I did HERE.

Design Studio Salon
908 G/F Arnaiz Metrobank Bldg. A.
Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road)
San Lorenzo Village, Makati City
(02) 832 5508/ 899 9977
(0919) 999 7622
Instagram & Facebook: designstudioph
Daily, 9AM-9PM

Do you like my new hair?
Up next, I will definitely do something about my hair color! 

Keep Smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. You are looking gorgeous. Truly awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your journey. In India, there are lot of centres of Hair Transplant in Chandigarh and are providing the best result. You can check the pics of clients who has taken the hair transplant.

  2. Wow, I love the way your hair looks like after the whole treatment. You look beautiful. Thank you for reviewing this salon. I truly appreciate it.

  3. Hi. How's your hair now, 6 months after the treatment?

    1. Good question, I still haven't retouched and even had a hair cut. It's not as straight as on photo but still bearable. I have regrowth around 4-5 inches which is still good :D I'm happy still!

  4. How Is this treatment different from brazilian blowout, Keratherapy? Would you know if it contains formaldehyde?

    1. According to research, Brazilian Blowout gives smoother and frizz-less hair in lesser time than rebonding BUT it is safer and gives treatment to hair.

      I believe both Brazilian Blowout and Keratherapy does not have formaldehyde. But you have to go to reputable salons who have license to do such services to make sure they are safe.

  5. How's the treatment in your hair so far?

    1. sorry for the super delayed response but the effect lasted more than 3 months for me :D

  6. How many months did the treatment on your hair really lasted?

    1. around 3 months if you take care of it by using the right shampoo (I use sulfate-free)

  7. Did they ask you to purchase specific shampoos or anything for after-care?

    1. Do you remember how much you spent on it? I'm hoping to not have to spend too much. Or do you think I can refrain from purchasing it?


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