Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Eureka Moment: Red Lipstick For ALL Ages

I know there are different kinds of red lipsticks and I'm not saying ALL red lipsticks make you look old!  BUT, I came across a red lipstick so beautiful I had to create a special blog post for this!

Judging by the look of the packaging, can you even guess the brand?

Red lipstick for all ages

Seriously, if I didn't tell you, you won't be able to guess it!  Not unless, you already saw these in stores!

A photo and review on Tony Moly TOP Perfect Lip's Lip

Are you ready to be surprised?

Well, this came from a Korean cosmetics brand called Tony Moly!

The lipstick is called TOP Perfect Lip's Lip, starting this sentence on, I'll just call this lippie TOP! 

Housed in a sleek Square-ish metallic red casing, this reminds me so much of a high end brand.  It must be the packaging and how it was packaged.  This lipstick line comes with a total of 5 red colors!  And that explains why the packaging is all RED!

And if you are wondering who owns that crazy signature on the lipstick bullet?  HYUN-A!
Hyuna is known for her red lips and the shade names are based on Hyun-a's songs.

 Packaging with Box

Swatch: RD03
The TOP lipstick has a nice sheen and definitely not matte!  So users with extremely dry lips like I do don't have to worry about flaking or feathering because it won't happen even with the absence of lip balm underneath.  

This line (I assume all colors have the same texture) would work well on people who are shy from wearing extremely loud lipstick color but wanted to try out something new!

You will get a hint of red tint on one swipe, if you are like me who are comfortable wearing red, you may go ahead and apply 2-3 layers and you'll have this result.
Red lipstick for all ages

Still subtle enough for daytime look!
Definitely a Eureka Moment because I don't feel old wearing this color!  And the fact that Hyun-a is a model for this, I'm sure younger gals can enjoy the red lips without looking too mature!

Tony Moly TOP Lipstick is priced at Php698.00 available at Tony Moly stores nationwide.

How do you like this color on me?
Will you wear this in 1 layer or in 2-3 layers like I did?

Keep Smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. I love the packaging and the shades is definitely for all ages. I also dont like the kind of red na striking. Gusto ko yung sakto lang. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful shade, wearable on you, I hope I have the guts to rock that color too.

    1. Thank you, sige I'm in the clinic now and I'll be putting "Red Carpet" by Palladio. :)

    2. hahah you go girl!!! :D :D :D Happy Holidays!

  3. I recognized Hyun-A signature (k-poper days) hahaha and I love red too definitely check this out!

  4. Beautiful shades that really seem wearable. I think its worth checking out for the price seems practical too.

  5. I love the shade! I'm a fan of red lippies. It suits me well..

    1. That's nice to know you're comfortable with red lipsticks :D

  6. Cool, a contender for the universal red lippie! If only I can commit to a red lip. I always have the guts to apply but chicken out and apply a subtler color just before walking out of the door. Human Heart Nature's lip balm in Flame Tree is probably the most red I can wear in public. Maybe I need to try this one and see if I can make it work.

    1. Try mo! this one is very natural! And you can always apply with lighthand so the pigmentation isn't that dark! :D


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