Monday, November 16, 2015

AMW on Femalenetwork's First BeautyCon

How does it feel to be part of the country's biggest beauty network?  I'm sure beauty enthusiasts knew or you've probably been to the site to search for answers to all your beauty dilemmas!  I was one of the many visitors of FN and I was ecstatic when they invited me to be one of the key speakers for their first ever BeautyCon held at Robinsons Magnolia last November 15th!

Yes, that's me at the Robinson's Magnolia Atrium and that's a big photo of me at the background! 

I've been speaking in front of people more than half of my life --- from being a Professor in a University to being a trainer for various makeup brands.  But honestly speaking, THIS is one of the rare moments I had butterflies in my stomach!  I even "Snapped" before I went up on stage and you can actually hear or feel the excitement and fright all rolled in one!

But as always, whenever I stood right on stage and start seeing eager faces to learn more about beauty, the fright dissolved and I was finally comfortable sharing my knowledge onstage.

Of course, I can't help but insert some "jokes" even without seeing reactions from the audience!  I hope they laughed! *lol*  Blame the bright spotlight that made me feel like a Superstar for the first time in my life!  (I realized Stardom is not for me, I kept on squinting, I'm really a "backstage" girl!)

My topic was about staying fresh all day and I actually shared my knowledge on how to stay fresh on various skin types!  As always, I am an ambassador of "Taking Care of Your Skin by investing on Good Skincare products", I went ahead and started the talk on the importance of getting to know your skin type and buying the right type of products.

I also shared my favorite waterproof makeup products onstage.

Thanks to my model Kat who accepted my random offer for her to appear on stage!  I knew it was last minute but thanks Kat!  You were gorgeous and amazing on stage!

More photos taken by my super supportive Sister, Brother-In-Law and Brother!
Dami kong photographers no? Daig and artista LOL

Retouch products to bring with you.

Instantly brighten your look with a red lipstick!

Then as much as I would like to blab on stage, I knew I had to stop and thank the audience for taking part of this workshop!

Sharing "Snaps" backstage with Bing and Say!  These girls were amazing!  Congratulations!

Best of all?  I had my family supporting me even if they are NOT into make up!  Look at my mom, dad, sister and Uncle (who came from Canada). (Not on photo: Brother-in-law and Brother who were busy taking photos.  Mr. AMW and Kyle had to follow after)  We had a dinner date and they arrived early just in time to see what I really do! :P

To my ever supportive friend Dra. Janina from GirlStuff for cutting off her "mass time" rushing to Robinson's Magnolia before heading to SM Megamall just to show me love and support!  Her family is amazing!  I am so thankful to God for giving me such wonderful family and friends.

To Femalenetwork, Ira, Jen, Kaye and Ro and the rest of the team, THANK YOU SO MUCH For making my superstar dreams come true!  Hahaha seriously, thank you so much for trusting me on your FIRST Ever BeautyCon! 

And of course, THANK YOU AMW Friends for making AMW alive for 9 long years!
You guys are my lifeline!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I've been reading your blog since 2009 (I was still in 4th year high school then) and indeed this is a milestone (I rarely comment except this past months) hehehe... I never get tired of your reading your blog you never failed to get me hooked!

    1. WOW THank you so much for being a long0-time AMW reader, I appreciate it a lot!!!! Cyber hug to you!!!!

  2. Congrats Ms. Nikki! It is such a wonderful feeling knowing your family is very supportive in doing something you love. God bless you family. :)

    1. Yes, super nice ang feeling to see them sa crowd :D

  3. Aww I missed it :( and I live like 5 minutes away from Magnolia! Next time :)


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