Monday, November 21, 2016

Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tints

So a pair of "Lucky Owls" landed on my desk one day and it was from Laneige.  This is a trendy and innovative collection from the leading K-Beauty brand and this time, it goes with the new trend called "Fashionable Beauty".  They collaborated with Korea's hottest fashion designers and that's when Laneige x Lucky Chouette comes to life!

"Chouette, which means “owl” in French, is a symbol of good fortune.  An encounter between Laneige and Lucky Chouette gave birth to a lovely pair of owls that promise to bring good luck to all – Bella Chouette and Vely Chouette.  This adorable duo can be found on the collection which is made up of the brand’s bestselling BB Cushion for incomparable radiance, the new Serum Drop Tint for glossy and lively lips, and the limited edition Multi Face Palette that works as a highlighter and eye shadow in one."
Today, I will be sharing all 9 shades of the Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tints for you to have an idea how each shade looks!

a photo of Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tints

Laneige says ---
Lasting moisture
Ingredients such as oil serum and berry mix complex ™ rich in anti-oxidant substance make the lips feel smooth and elastic
Upgraded tinting effect!
 The optimized pigment for oil tint provides vivid color and voluminous shine
Moisturizing granules
The moisture granules containing oil serum provide moisture and vitality to the lips as they closely adhere to dry lips

L-R Funky Dream, Runway Pink, Cheeky Cherry, Marilyn Red, Sassy Girl, 
Coral Breathe, Urban Coral, Misty Rose and Bite Me
And to give you a better idea on the effect these tints are on me, consider that I have extremely pigmented and dry lips!  These are applied at least 2 layers each lip!

Funky Dream
As funky as the name sounds, it goes opposite in terms of the effect.  The effect is very romantic and subtle I would immediately call this a Romantic Pink shade!  Surprisingly, it looks blurry and almost least pigmented on swatch but it can actually cover the dark pigmentation of my lips giving a romantic medium rose color shade!  Perfect for day time makeup and date nights!

a photo of Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tints Funky Dream on NIkki Tiu AskMeWhats

Runway Pink
As the name states, this is a lovely "runway" lip color!  It gives a huge impact on your overall look yet it still remains to look subtle, not loud enough to say: "Hey, look at my lips!"  It goes well for all skin tone!  I would call this a lip color that can be used both day and night.

a photo of Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tints Runway Pink on NIkki Tiu AskMeWhats

Cheeky Cherry
Disclaimer: Because my lips are highly pigmented, starting this photo until the next ones, they almost look identical and quite difficult to see the difference.  But I will still share my thoughts on each shade depending on how I feel when I wore these.

Cheeky Cherry is a perfect warm red shade that can brighten up anyone's teeth!  The color is build-able and can be applied thinly if you're not used to wearing red and apply more (3-4 layers) for more impact.

a photo of Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tint Cheeky Cherry on Nikki Tiu AskMeWhats

Marilyn Red
Marilyn Red, on the other hand, is also a warm-tone red with a hint of "orange" to it! it's more of a blue-base making it a tad bit perfect even if I'm allergic to orange red lip color!  This is highly addictive and would work for all skin tones too!  I like how this color gives an added shine even with just a layer or 2 applications!

a photo of Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tint Marilyn Red on Nikki Tiu AskMewhats

Sassy Girl
Sassy Red now has half cool and warm undertone!  Calling this a perfect red color for everyone!  I like how it can brighten up my complexion without making me look orange!  A true red shade for the true red-wearers.

a photo of Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tint Sassy Girl on Nikki Tiu AskMewhats

Coral Breathe
As I go further down, the lip tints added more orange tone to it making these my least favorite shades (trust me, it's just me!  I bet it looks great on you!)
Thankfully, this is an orange red lip color that is quite forgiving on my complexion.  It made my face and hair bronzier and more warm than usual but I like how it can still give me that "I'm fine" look!  This is one orange red lip color that I wouldn't mine wearing.

a photo of Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tint Coral Breathe on Nikki Tiu AskMewhats

Urban Coral
Urban Coral is a true Coral shade with a tiny hint of red!  I guess the heavy pigmentation of my lips subtracted the "orange" tone to the lip tint but I find this color to work better on users with medium to darker complexion.
a photo of Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tint Urban Coral on Nikki Tiu AskMewhats

Misty Rose
As the name states, I was hoping for a medium Rose Pink shade but I was quite surprised to see the effect of Misty Rose on me.  According to Laneige, this is a dry red rose shade that for me is quite far from how it appears on my lips!  Let me know how this works for you!  I'll try to wear this again with lip primer underneath and see how it goes!

a photo of Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tint MIsty Rose on Nikki Tiu AskMewhats

Bite Me

The darkest shade out of the 9 shades!  This is a dramatic burgundy red lip color that works best when you have heavier eye makeup!  This is a perfect night out lip color and you can lessen pigmentation by blotting your lips on a clean tissue!  

This particular shade has high-shine, high gloss and gives you HUGE ATTENTION!

a photo of Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tint Bite Me on Nikki Tiu AskMewhats

AMW says ---
After using randomly 9 shades for a week plus, I find the Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tints are more pigmented than regular lip tints!  These are quite tricky to use at first because you are expecting a certain texture or pigmentation but it ended up being unique!

Most of the shades give out gloss while others give higher shine (ex. Bite me).  They are all highly pigmented in ONE swipe and shades are build-able and you can actually apply a lot of layers without your lips looking dry.

For best results (especially for lighter shades), use a lip primer or concealer to cover your lips' natural pigmentation for the shade to come out!

For someone with extremely dry and parched lips, I'm happy to announce that I can wear these shades on its' own, without the help of lip balm because of the moisturizing properties these Serum Drop Tints give.

a photo of Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tints

The Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tints are priced locally at Php1,150.00 (Approx $25.55) each.
For complete shade and product detail, visit Laneige website.  Like them on Facebook ( and follow them on IG @LovingLaneige.

What's your favorite shade?
Will you purchase these for the shades or just because you fell in love with the packaging?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm drooling over runway pink lol! Anyway, misty rose looks fab on you though how long does it last in your lips?

    1. It lasts like regular lip tints, around 4 hours max! But these are more "watery" in texture so it doesn't have this obvious stained look.

  2. Packaging is too cute! However, more than 1000 pesos for a lip tint?? I'd rather go to Mac :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh me naman, I'd go for MAC for clients but personally, I'll use this because this is less drying :)


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