Thursday, December 1, 2016

Automatic Aura with Cathy Doll

You've probably seen me posted all over my social media platforms last week something quite pink with a double digit... AA.

AA, what?  As what Mr. AMW said.  Automatic Aura is the meaning of AA and that itself explains what we Filipinas want!  Uma-aura everyday!

I am lucky enough to be invited by Cathy Doll Philippines to be their host that day for an intimate Media and Blogger get-together!  The star of the day of course isn't ME (how I wish!)  but I have to give it up to the AA Series!

Let's welcome the AA (Automatic Aura) Family!
Automatic Aura Cream with SPF45 PA+++ (Php750.00)
Automatic Aura Matte Cushion Oil Control SPF50 PA+++ (Php1,100.00)

The crazy group photo with guests that I had to post because everyone just had fun swatching, playing with the cushion pillow and just bond with each other again before the rush of Holiday Season!

Now let's focus on the benefits of using Cathy Doll Automatic Aura Cream with SPF45 PA+++ (Php750.00)

Shades: Light Beige and Natural Beige

  •     This creamy foundation is incredibly lightweight and is very easy-to-blend.
  •    It delivers instant aura complexion all day long with its Auto Aura, Anti-Acne, and Anti-Aging effects.
  •    It provides perfect coverage and naturally smooth appearance to the skin.
  •   Moreover, it contains the properties of Tea Tree Oil that helps to control oil and reduce the occurrence of acne.
  •    It provides 45x sunscreen protection compared with other products.
  •    It is well-suited for every skin type including sensitive skin.

Then comes the Cathy Doll Automatic Aura Matte Cushion Oil Control SPF50 PA+++ (Php1,100.00).  As much as I would like to compare this to most cushions available in the market, this product is unique as its' name.

Shades: Light Beige, Natural Beige and Sand Beige

  •     This oil-control formula comes with the latest innovative airy foundation technology to provide cooling sensation while providing Auto Aura, Anti-Acne, and Anti-Aging benefits to the skin.
  •     Like the AA Cream, it also contains Tea Tree Oil Extract that helps reduce the occurrence of acne, and helps fade off marks and dark spots.
  •     It instantly brightens skin tone for a naturally smooth finish.
  •     It controls oil all day long and protects skin from dullness.
  •     Suited for every skin type including sensitive skin.
  •     Available in Light Beige, Natural Beige and Sand Beige

Just to show how effective both products are, a model was brave enough to show a half-faced demo on how to effectively use both products.  (Hint: It is best to use Cathy Doll Milky White Cream prior to AA products application to enhance the "glow" we want)

As a host who stands closely to the model, I was really impressed on how using both products doesn't create white cast!  Consider the high SPF on both products!  I can't wait to try both products and will post a review soon!

That's me all ready for the event!  

And the "normal-faced" group photo of the attendees, some left early but they know in their hearts how much I appreciate their time and support.

The lovely team from Lifestrong Essentials together with Mr. Lance Lee and Marge Lee.  Congratulations Cathy Doll Philippines!

Cathy Doll AA series are exclusively available at Zalora until TODAY!  Starting tomorrow, you may purchase your favorite Cathy Doll booths and stores near you!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Tlgang magand yang new foundation product ng Cathy Dolls! gumagamit na po ako nyan and super satisfied ako sa results! Love it!

  2. Is it noncomedogenic?

    1. it is hypoallergic and non comedogenic but still, if you have extremely sensitive skin, try on testers pa din


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