Friday, December 9, 2016

Laneige Meets Fashion Lucky Chouette Multi-Colors Review

Remember the first time I shared about Laneige's newest collaboration with a Fashion icon Lucky Chouette in a form of Serum Drop Tints which I reviewed and swatched?

Well, it comes with a cute Multi-Colors that I almost....don't want to use!  I just had to remind myself this particular makeup that I didn't get to use for years and nasayang lang... 

So I took the plunge...because I have YOU girls as reason because I know some of you are waiting for my honest thoughts on this!

a photo of Laneige Meets Fashion Lucky Chouette Multi-Colors

"Decorated with Laneige x Lucky Chouette characters Bella Chouette and Vely Chouette designs, the new case comes with face blending brush and eyeshadow brush for multiple applications!"
The owl's eyes and beak are printed on the plastic cover so once you remove the protective covering, you only get to see the shape of the Owl which isn't bad still.

a photo of Laneige Meets Fashion Lucky Chouette Multi-Colors Review_AskMeWhats

I originally tossed this in a "blush bin to review" because I thought this is meant to be used as a cheek color!  But after reading product description and actually trying my best to transfer the "color" from pan to cheek (which I wasn't successful with), I knew this has got to be a reason why the colors aren't as pigmented as I want (for a cheek color).

The Multi-Colors is meant to create dimension to your face, a highlight powder to be exact.  A product to be used on the latter part of your makeup application once you're done with base and everything.  I like to swirl a small cheek blush all over the palette (yes, Owl and all!)  and lightly dab the powder on the highest point of my cheeks.  This will create "soft and subtle highlighting" which I honestly appreciate after using it multiple times.  

a photo of Nikki Tiu wearing Laneige Meets Fashion Lucky Chouette Multi-Colors

For someone who's used to "pigmentation", I almost put this on a "Never buy, never look back palette", but after seeing photos of me using this, it does give an instant "oomph" to my cheeks without the obvious effect of "you have makeup on!"  This is something quite unique for the product and quite difficult to achieve with other makeup products especially if you're going for "no makeup makeup look"!
a photo of AskMeWhats Laneige Meets Fashion Lucky Chouette Multi-Colors

Since this product can also be used as an eyeshadow color, as much as I want to skip this thought, I still gave it a go, because.. I am supposed to be testing this product right?

For my skin tone, I find the peachy orange shade (darkest) is the perfect base eyeshadow shade and the blue and white portion can be used as a "tear duct" highlighter shade.  Nothing too fancy but it's a nice way to give subtle highlight on all parts of your face without the obvious sparkles and shine.

a photo of how to use Laneige Meets Fashion Lucky Chouette Multi-Colors

As much as I would love to say this is for everyone, I call this a perfect makeup for girls who are into subtle-looking makeup.  I actually made another purchase and gifted this to a friend whom I know would want to be always on-the-go, a friend who is always in a rush and wants to apply makeup seamlessly even with just 1 minute of retouch time!

The Laneige Multi-Colors is priced locally at Php1,450.00.
For complete shade and product detail, visit Laneige website.  Like them on Facebook ( and follow them on IG @LovingLaneige.

If you own this Multi-Colors, would you have the heart to use it?

How will you wear your Lucky Chouette Multi-Colors?
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