Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weekend Food Trip at: Mighty Quinn's

 I had a quick segment at GMA's Unang Hirit that morning and I woke up at 2:45am to get ready and had only around 2 hours of sleep after the guesting and went straight to SM Megamall to have a taste of New York's One of the Best Barbecue Place --- Mighty Quinn's.  Who can say no to that?

I was lucky enough to see owner Hugh Magnum in the flesh getting interviewed by Media and Food Bloggers.  I was just amazed how much a person can talk so passionately about "meat".  Honestly speaking, I am a fan of food but not really that of a carnivore!  So I'm really challenging Mighty Quinn's that day to change my mind! 

I started off tasting a piece of Brontosaurus Ribs (Php1,450.00), it comes with a HUGE serving so definitely perfect for sharing!  The meat is super tender and almost fall off the bone!  The meat was coated with a dry rub and I find dish this to be on the salty side!  The taste is definitely unique in its' own way.  

Next comes the Pork Spare Ribs (Php485.00 Single Serving/Php1,295.00 by the pound).  Depending on the part you get, you will get a half serving of bone and half meat!  They aren't as tender than Brontosaurus Ribs but still soft enough to easy separate the meat from the bone!  I actually like this because of almost "Ham-like" taste.

Beef Bristket (Php485.00 Single Serving/Php1,295.00 by the pound) will be one of the few reasons why I would return to Mighty Quinn's.  This I can eat even without the sauce because it is extremely flavorful on its' own!  Slow-cooked for 24 hours, you can feel the meat almost melts into your tongue on every bite!

For those who are like me who can't eat with just Pork and Beef, I have to share a serving of Chicken Wings (6pcs Php405.00 and 10pcs for Php685.00) with good Blogger Friend Marj!  It has a crunchy exterior with kick of spice!  I know Mighty Quinn's may not be known as a "chicken place" so I'm surprised how yummy this dish was!

Now, if your tummy still have space for dessert, go for their unique Bread Pudding (Php195.00).  I find this to be really yummy in its' own very special way!  I nearly ordered this just for the ice cream but I'm quite surprised finding myself dipping my dessert spoon until the bottom of this bowl of magic!

And oh!  If I may go for add-ons, I may have to give a special mention to my favorite appetizer from this restaurant --- Sweet Corn Fritters (Small Php165.00, Medium Php325.00, Large Php645.00)
I was literally giving this "Don't give me any food, I'm full look" but after taking a first bite of the Sweet Corn Fritters, would you believe I went for seconds and third?  Go give it a try and see for yourself!  I am NOT exaggerating when I say, this is one of the best Corn Fritters I've tried!

Now for the ultimate Might Quinn's experience, all you need to do is to walk in the restaurant, line up and pick a tray like how you will in a school cafeteria and watch them slice your meat-of-choice for you!

Pick your side dishes and pickled add-ons as you walk through the display of COLORS!
I personally love seeing how my food is served!

Now, the first time I tried Mighty Quinn's, I was probably extremely tired and sleepy so my taste buds aren't doing well!  I actually went for the second time when it was finally opened to the public last Wednesday and tell you what, I enjoyed round 2 way more than the first time!  So I'm looking forward to more rounds!

With Marj Sia

Mighty Quinn's 
3rd Floor SM Mega Fashion Hall

IG: @MightyQuinnsPH

Are you a fan of meat?
Have you heard about Mighty Quinn's and would you like to give it a try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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