Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Etude House All Finish Line Remover Stick Review

So you've done all your eye makeup but suddenly decided to change the way your "liner" looks!  On days, I winged my eyeliner so well it looks so perfect on a subtle makeup look, and you know us (women!)  we change our minds so easily so I would probably end up wanting to remove the "winged liner" I did but don't want to redo the whole she-bang!

What does a makeup artist do?  Pick a Q-tip and dip it in an oil-free makeup remover!  Yes, oil-free because I find that using an oil-based eye makeup remover can create a weird oily patch on the area and worst, I can't seem to apply makeup on that area anymore!

How many of you can relate to that?

That's why after doing my usual rounds inside the Etude House Store (holler to LCM branch for being so nice to me!)  I was able to find this little box of greatness --- All Finish Line Remover Stick!

Etude House All Finish Line Remover Stick Says ---
Topical ""ALL FINISH"" cleansing stick-type makeup remover for easy and quick correction. 2ml

AMW says --- 


  • Easy-to-tote-along packaging.
  • Can remove smudges easily without messing up the rest of the makeup.
  • Since it is a balm, I have more control in removing the area needed.
  • Contains oil based ingredients that are good for the skin (ex. Argan Oil)
  • I actually have extremely sensitive eyes so it actually works for me better as the oil-based ingredients are very gentle on my eyes.
  • Does not leave oil-film so I can still continue to re-apply makeup after removal.

  • Will have to use a couple of times for those dark and waterproof makeup.
  • Will need the help of cotton buds for precise "cleaning".

A super handy, easy-to-fix makeup mess product!  It can remove even the tiniest mistakes and what I like about this product is that it doesn't leave oily film so I can still apply makeup on top.


  • Always clean the tip of the balm after each use.
  • Twist the balm several times but not too long as it may break.
  • Always follow up with a cotton bud/Q-tip for more precise cleaning.
  • Best used for eyeliner (liquid, pencil or gel)
  • For waterproof liner, best to swipe the product several times before cleaning it with a cotton pad or cotton bud.
  • Store in cool, dry place as the balm may melt.

Will I repurchase?
Yes, but for personal use.  I think as a professional make up artist, using of regular oil-free eye makeup remover and Q-tip is more hygienic and better way to go.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Those who are practicing with eyelining, this is a nice tool to have to "assist" you in making quick corrections.

Where to purchase and how much?
Priced at Php378.00 (approx $7.90) each available at Etude House stores nationwide.

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Looks like a regular mascara remover tube!  
Upon opening the cap, you'll see a "white balm" that is solid.

If I want to remove a portion of my eyeliner (ex. wing), I apply a good amount of Line Remover Stick (around 3-4 times), use a clean cotton bud and gently remove.

Before and After
If you look close, this eye is extremely sensitive (from all the product testing I guess) and you can see a small "mark" right below the "winged liner".  When I use regular eye makeup remover, it tends to sting or hurt, so using the Etude House All Finish Line Remover Stick is actually friendlier to the eyes and doesn't sting at all!

I am quite amazed on how a simple product can actually make a huge difference!  Shoutout to Etude House for thinking such nifty product!  It may be nothing to others but it works well on me!  So Thank You!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. That's actually my pet peeve---having to redo a fully made up face. I literally get the chills when I realize I need to do it. Good thing there are products like that one. I wonder what quick fix would be when u already applied ur base and u realize you got the flakies. That always happen to me as I have dry skin and hate moisturizers.

    1. di ba??? super nice nagulat ako may ganyang product sila!

  2. Such a great find! I'm sure this will be helpful for girls who do their makeup in the car or at the office. Ingenious!

    1. hahaha pero You would still need a Q tip with this

  3. it looks like the makeup fixer pen from missha but I really forgot what exact name

  4. This is really a great help when doing ones makeup..but it if your on a tight buget still stick to the Qtip 😁. Well, we can save up for it anyways.

    1. well, pag Qtip lang kasi it wont' remove unless you have makeup remover pa din


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