Monday, May 1, 2017

Bare With Me with NYX Matte Lipstick

Happy Labor Day!
It's May 1 and still a holiday in our country!  As much as I would love to be resting like a princess, I have to say, there will never be one if you're a mom!  Nothing I'm complaining about for sure because I'm enjoying every single moment of it (if you follow me on IG stories).

Talk about resting, I have featured a couple of "nude" or "MLBB" lippies but this one definitely goes to: "I definitely look sick wearing this but the shade is so pretty I have to feature it!"

You get it, right?  The shade Bare With Me from NYX Matte Lipstick is such a gorgeous color you want to make it work especially if you have my skin tone, I will be honest with you, it looks more forgiving on photos but I look so washed out in person I need to pile another color on top for me to look like a healthy woman in her 30s.

But I have to stress again and again, even if this shade doesn't work for me, it still deserves a FULL page feature because .....

a photo of Askmewhats wearing NYX Matte Lipstick review in shade Bare with Me MLS 38

It is a Matte Lipstick that actually glides easily even on dry, parched lips.
The NYX Matte Lipstick is housed in a simple black bullet packaging with a "Peek-a-poo" clear plastic at the center for you to see the exact shade of the lipstick without opening the cap.  Great job in packaging department guys!
a photo of NYX Matte Lipstick review in shade Bare with Me MLS 38

The color Bare With Me is a cool tone peach pink nude color that finishes off satin matte.  You get 0,16 oz of product per tube.

a photo of NYX Matte Lipstick review in shade Bare with Me MLS 38

Swatch: Bare With Me
Because I have extremely warm skintone with sallow skin, the color tends to wash out the rest of my features but trust me when I say, this would work really well with girls who have medium to darker complexion!  Maybe, I can rock this color better if I wear heavy smoky eye makeup with falsies!

a swatch photo of NYX Matte Lipstick review in shade Bare with Me MLS 38

Let's talk about the product itself ---

  • Glides easily.
  • Highly pigmented, you get the exact color straight from tube to lips in a single swipe.
  • Long-lasting.  This lipstick stays for more than 3 hours with eating and drinking.
  • It transfers a bit on mug but not as much.
  • Bare with Me is actually a nice "lipstick base" for my highly pigmented lips.  I like to use this underneath and top with another shade of lipstick because this can blur out certain dark areas around my lips.
  • Will appear dry on lips if you do not prep your lips properly.

a photo of AskMeWhats NYX Matte Lipstick review in shade Bare with Me MLS 38

NYX Matte Lipsticks is priced locally at Php390.00 available at NYX counters near you.  

For more information, Follow them on IG (@NYXPhilippines) and like them on Facebook ( 

Will you wear Bare With Me?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This shade makes you look really youthful --like 16! I will get that shade for my mom, I think she will love it. I'm gonna get me one too.

  2. It looks really pretty on you, but it kinda brings out the yellow of your teeth. Shades like this do that to me too so I avoid them no matter how pretty they are. Huhu


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