Sunday, April 30, 2017

Weekend Food Trip at Coco Ichibanya

So I have tried Coco Ichibanya the first time in Shanghai more than 10 years ago!  I remembered my brother (who's working there) taking Keith and I, my mom, dad and my brother to this "Curry Restaurant" because it is extremely yummy.

Then, I opened the menu and said: "What?  It's all curry lang?"
Duh? Obviously, it's a CURRY RESTAURANT.

Obviously, it isn't just a curry restaurant, it is one of the yummiest Curry I've tried!  I loved the restaurant so much I made it a point to visit and dine there whenever I go to Shanghai!

Then, the most impossible thing happened, just when I always message my brother how I wish this restaurant would be available in the Philippines, it finally happened!  And I can't believe why it took me THIS long to finally visit Coco Ichibanya!

(Note from author:  All food photos won't look exactly the same as how they would regularly serve because we asked them to separate the curry sauce!)

Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry
Soft and fluffy omelette curry with steaming Japanese rice inside is a wonderful surprise!  It goes so well with the crunchy Pork Cutlet!  You also get to choose the spicy level of your curry sauce!

Pork Cutlet Curry
Because I wanted to share this dish with my son, I went for plain steaming rice with the same yummy pork cutlet that's oh-so-tender and soft on the inside.

Hamburger Curry
This is something you can try if you are a fan of beef burger.  The beef burger isn't 100% pure beef though, I can taste some extenders included in the pattie but not a bad one still!

Mixed Salad
Goes with different dressing, my mom-in-law picked sesame dressing which obviously tastes really good!  Because sesame dressing would taste good no matter where you put it!

Ice Cream 
2 kinds Php100.00

Both strawberry and cookies n' cream tastes really good!
Perfect way to end a spicy meal.

Coco Ichibanya
Ground Floor, Robinsons Place Manila, Ermita, Manila

Have you tried Coco Ichibanya?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Everything looks yummy especially the curry with rice omelette. I am not too fond of curry but my husband is. I wish they will have a branch in the South.

  2. I've bee curious about this Japanese Resto beacause I always see that vloggers who are travelling to Japan always eat at this restaurant. That made me thinking, maybe the food is really looks good. I didn't know that we already have it here, I just knew it thru here..your blog. Maybe we should give this a try, and it's nice it is not too far from our place.


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