Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

So tomorrow is Mother's Day!  I know "time" is definitely one of the best gifts you can give to your mommy but if there's a little bit of budget to go along with time, here are just some of the items I would LOVE to give to my own mom.

A simple act of love with Sweets.
Toblerone's Limted Edition Mother's Day packaging is available to show your mom how much you appreciate and love her.  This is a perfect gift idea for those who can't seem to say: "I love you mom" in person!  

Toblerone Mother's Day Art Packs and Sleevers are available at The SM Store North EDSA, The SM Store Mall of Asia, The SM Store Megamall, The SM Store Makati, The SM Store Cubao, The SM Store San Lazaro, Robinson's Ermita, Landmark Trinoma and Landmark Makati until tomorrow May 14!  

A simple act of love with Accessory
When mommy friend Jackie and I had a chance to visit Nomination Italy store at 2nd level Glorietta 4 to "gift" each other Composable Bracelets from Nomination Italy, I realized how wonderful it is to gift your mom something this personal and meaningful for the special occasion.  When you pick or compose a bracelet, you look back into wonderful memories you share together with your mom, whether it could be as simple as a shopping trip, travels and a whole lot more, you can materialize your bonding activities and memories by composing your very own bracelet and have your mom wear it to be reminded of the good times you share together.

My Nomination Italy Composable Bracelet (mixed with rose gold locket), the word "LOVE", a cross and a husband and wife imprinted on it.

Photo by Jackie Go
A Simple Act of Love with Soft Hands
One thing that I remembered growing up is whenever I hold my mom's hands, her hands are rough and dry.  I don't judge her for that, I actually felt like I wanted to take care of her more than ever!  Why? Her rough hands are the aftermath of all the dishwashing, taking care of our laundry, cooking and a whole lot more!  So now that I am a mom, I realized how I almost never take care of my hands!  Because I look after my son, I make sure my hands are always clean so I constantly wash and sterilize my hands which causes it to dry my hands even more.  I actually do not mind because the safety of your kids always comes first!

That said, I realized now that a simple act of giving something "beautifying" for our moms could be rewarding!  I recently discovered the beauty of Esfolio Hand Creams.  They smell great, they are extremely relaxing to use and definitely non-greasy!  The best part is that, I wake up with softer and smoother hands!

Esfolio Fresh Pink Peach Hand Cream

Esfolio Moisture Milk Hand Cream

Both products and other Esfolio items can be purchased online .  To readers who are based in Cebu, good news!  Esfolio has a pop-up store this weekend at Robinsons Cebu!

I have so many items or products in mind to add more but I have mommy duties!
Feel free to add this list by commenting below some of the "good gift ideas" you can think of!
I'd love to hear from you guys!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. My mom loves to cook so she's the type to appreciate rare cooking ingredients like saffron, cardamom, high quality cheese or a bottle of fine olive oil. Gosh hand my mom a big freshly made ciabatta or sourdough bread and she'll be happy.

    1. ahhh nice! ako, I like simple ingredients lang :) ang saya ng Ciabatta !!!


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