Saturday, May 6, 2017

Thomas Sabo - A Perfect Mother's Day Gift

After Labor Holiday comes my favorite celebration --- Mother's Day and Father's Day.
I remembered how us "siblings" would pitch in to surprise my mom and dad Cake and Ice Cream.  "Surprise" is just a term because it was a bit expected every year!  It goes on and on like that for many years because that's all we can give from our allowances.

Fast forward to today, celebrating Mother's Day is definitely different with us being adults (with a job!)  But it never goes without "bonding" over simple lunch or dinner.

Because for us...the best gift you can give to someone doesn't come with a price tag, it just simply says: "I remembered you, I thought of you when I picked this gift."

And recently, I got invited by my good friends from Spark It! to visit the Thomas Sabo store at SM Megamall for a mini get-together with fellow mommies, and with just simple invite made me the giddy over being "recognized" as a Mom because we were told the event was all about Thomas Sabo believing the power of a "mom", or shall I quote them - "Supermom".  

*Supermom (dictionary) - "An Exemplary Mother".
"With that belief, Thomas Sabo is one with all the women in the world in making a mark by owning their own Bold Statements.  Highlightingn wins and celebrating victories are not made more precious when shared with loved ones and eternalized with a fine, timeless keepsake."

And I can definitely see it well displayed in store with these collections.

Glam & Soul
"The Glam & Soul concept represents the diversity of feminine elegance.The lovingly detailed sophistication and the filigree design language represent the unique aesthetics of the collection. Each of the artistic jewellery items is made from 925 Sterling silver and hand-finished with high-quality."

Rebel At Heart
"Created by hand with precision craftsmanship, made from blackened 925 Sterling silver and with hand-picked, precious stones: the iconic Rebel at heart line is characterised by the special feel for masculine design codes. The subtle mix of materials and the detailed signature characterise the unique aesthetics of the collection."

And as I was browsing through different displays, I've found the best Mother's Day gift for our very own "mommies".  There are so many ways to thank our Supermom but this is one way to "immortalize" how we feel for the most special lady in our lives.

Choose from Infinity symbol to heart shaped jewelries or classic pearls.  You can also go for engraved bracelets and pendants for that ultimate "personalization".  

You can choose to put your mom's initials, her name or a special number that represents you both or a simple "I love you" would make a huge difference!

Of course, there's always the "Charms".  Thomas Sabo offers wide and beautiful range of charms to make your Supermom feel much important she is to you.

*Each charm comes with Lobster Clamp making it easy to move around each charm on your bracelet based on your preference.

I actually went ahead and picked my own charm to represent myself as a mom.

Cloverleaf - as to how lucky I am to have a husband and son and how lucky I am go have a family of my own.
My Little Boy charm - says it all!  That's Kyle Nash!
Heart, Peace and Flower - all 3 charms say it all!  My heart will always be at peace because I appreciate all the simplest things in life.

That's me wearing my Thomas Sabi Charm Bracelet 

And look at that huge smile on my face,
 I'm one proud mommy wearing what I think the representation of my life!
(Thanks Shen for taking this photo of me)

And when asked what is my "boldest" statement to date?  "LIVE BEAUTIFULLY".  Long time readers would understand what I has to be on the outside AND inside.

Thomas Sabo is available at Power Plant Mall, Alabang Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, TriNoma, and Greenbelt 3. For information, follow @AnthemGroupPH on Instagram or like Thomas Sabo Philippines

Have you visited Thomas Sabo Store?
Do you like the charms I picked for my own Thomas Sabo "Supermom" bracelet?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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