Tuesday, June 6, 2017

AMW Wears: Hush Puppies The Body Shoe in Reo Aida

What's my secret to be a "super mom on-the-go"?  
A NICE PAIR OF FOOTWEAR --- and that's just ONE of my many super powers!

I have featured so many comfortable footwear finds because like I said in the past --- my legs, ankles and heels are extremely sensitive and when I tell my friends I've found a footwear that works for me...they know it is extremely comfortable because I have "high standards" for that!  

I recently tried a pair of shoe from The Body Shoe Collection by Hush Puppies.  

Yes, Hush Puppies!  Who would've thought Hush Puppies would come up with something more fit for my busy lifestyle --- mommy-on-the-go?  

Of course, this collection is not only for moms!  It is also sporty-inspired, fashionable and functional at the same time perfect for women with active lifestyle!

a photo of Hush Puppies The Body Shoe in Reo Aida

AMW Wears
The Body Shoe Reo Aida
Performance meets style with this leather slip-on sandal. BioBevel® construction encourages balanced, natural motion with every step, making this pair perfect for all-day-wear.

a photo of Hush Puppies The Body Shoe in Reo Aida

This pair is perfect for me because it comes in Tan leather which goes well with any of my outfit!  When it comes to comfortable footwear, I don't like to second guess, I want a pair that would work well in ANY outfit color, any styles.

Works well in shorts....
a photo of askmewhats wearing Hush Puppies The Body Shoe in Reo Aida

Even in jeans!
a photo of Hush Puppies The Body Shoe in Reo Aida Nikki Tiu

I can even wear this pair with a simple dress!  I am definitely picking this pair as my favorite footwear whenever I know I'm heading out to do a lot of errands!

a photo of Hush Puppies The Body Shoe in Reo Aida

AMW says ---

  • Extremely comfortable even on first-time use.
  • The leather is soft and does not scratch my feet.
  • The soles of my feet were supported well with the cushion.  That said, my legs and ankle does not hurt even after a long day of walking (and sometimes running after my son!)
  • The downside?  The suede-lined is beige in color making it easily obvious if it gets dirtied.

For more information, visit http://hushpuppies.com.ph

Which particular pair do you wear when you know you're off to a long day of errands?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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