Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Eureka Moment: Lip Balm To Love

You know how simple our needs are for our lip balms.  They only need to do ONE thing --- hydrate our lips.  

But I've tried gazillion of different brands of lip balms/lip conditioners through the years and all I can say is that, why is it so difficult to find THE ONE?  

Let's establish one thing for now --- my lips are ultimately dry so no matter how much raves a certain brand gets from other Beauty Bloggers, I usually don't get that impressed.  

So during my first visit at Club Clio, the marketing girl from the said brand (Hi Angel!) shared to me how much of a gem the PeriPera Moist Lip Balm is.  She said the magic word that made me grab the the product and put it in my basket without second thoughts: "It hydrates my dry lips so well PLUS it doesn't give me the glossy lips!"  

You know how Matte Lipsticks are the fad of the moment?  Well, as much as I love to wear them every hour and every minute, my dry lips just won't cooperate so I've finally picked this one for the main purpose of letting me ENJOY my favorite matte lipsticks!

Me wearing ONLY PeriPera Moist Lip Balm in Strawberry.

a photo of askmewhats PeriPera Moist Lip Balm Strawberry review.

PeriPera Moist Lip Balm comes in 3 variants --- 01 Plain, 02 Strawberry and 03 Peach.

a photo of PeriPera Moist Lip Balm Strawberry review.

PeriPera Moist Lip Balm says ---

Milk moist lip balm is a gel-based lip balm 
that helps to moisturize and soften lips for al ong time.
Works for dry and chapped lips.

a photo of PeriPera Moist Lip Balm Strawberry review.

Housed in a simple lip balm tube packaging, it may not be the "cutesy" Korean makeup packaging we expect but I do like the simplicity of it.  Functionality is still number one and for me, this is the best lip balm packaging!

I like to squeeze a good amount of the PeriPera Moist LIp Balm and apply generously on lips leaving it for a couple of minutes and do my makeup before I apply my lip product.  I can actually apply this ON TOP of any lipstick and it does give a healthy sheen BUT NOT the gloss.

a photo of PeriPera Moist Lip Balm Strawberry review.

Now here's the best part, does this product help my dry and flaking lips?
That's the reason why this product got into my Eureka Moment section of the blog because you may get lost with all the products inside Club Clio but if you have dry lips issue like I do?  You better check this out!

a photo of PeriPera Moist Lip Balm Strawberry review.

Because I picked Strawberry, this gives a tiny hint of pink shade on my lips, if you prefer the transparent version, go for 01 because seriously, I don't mind going back hoarding all 3!

What other PeriPera product/s do you highly recommend?
Have you found a nice lip balm for your lips?  Care to share the brand?

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  1. Whoa congratulations Ms. Nikki for finding the "one" lol!


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