Thursday, July 20, 2017

K-Palette Eyebrow Tint Review

Hear ye!  Hear ye! 
A unique brow product that will shorten your makeup application time!  
I got the K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint from the 1 Day Tattoo series for quite some time and as much as I wanted to use these on my brows, I had a hard time for 2 reasons ---

  • I am extremely tired at night I don't get the chance to do anything on my face these days.
  • My brows are full so I can actually leave home without doing anything on my brows, I also hide them under my bangs whenever I bring my son to school!
But of course, I'm still on the radar with unique and effective products like these from K-Palette.  I actually gave them to my mom-in-law because she highly depend on brow tints because, she understood that #KilayIsLife .

Before the Lasting Eyebrow Tint to her, I tested these at the back of my hand first just to make sure it is effective before I let her do the testing. 

I got all 3 shades --- Light Brown, Natural Brown and Mocha Brown.

a photo of K-Palette Eyebrow Tint Review in shades Light Brown, Natural Brown and Mocha Brown.

The product comes with the Eyebrow Plate where you can choose between Natural-looking brows (with arch) or Cool brows (which is also like that of a Korean Brows).

a photo of K-Palette Eyebrow Tint Review in shades Light Brown, Natural Brown and Mocha Brown.

I swatched all 3 shades for you, they all look the same when "wet".  But top to bottom is lightest to darkest (Light Brown, Natural Brown and Mocha Brown).

The tint dries up COMPLETELY max of 8 minutes (depending on how thickly you apply).  

a swatch photo of K-Palette Eyebrow Tint Review in shades Light Brown, Natural Brown and Mocha Brown.

The product is best left for 2 hours, I did the 2 hours test off cam but for this particular photo, I only took 10 minutes and removed the "Film" and look!  I got a nice shade lined up.

a swatch photo of K-Palette Eyebrow Tint Review in shades Light Brown, Natural Brown and Mocha Brown.

Here are some tips you need to know before trying this product out ---

  • Use the eyebrow plate if you don't have steady hands.
  • If you think the eyebrow plate isn't your thing, use a separate brow pencil and draw a border, fill in the K-Palette Eyebrow Tint.
  • You need to apply THICKLY, apply thinly won't do the cut!  You will have difficulty in peeling off the film.
  • You may leave a bit  more than 2 hours but I think it is better to do what is instructed.
  • Stop usage if irritations occur, some may have sensitive skin even around the brow area so do a patch test just to make sure.
  • Peel off starting from the inner corner of your brows and gently "roll" the "film".
  • For the dry tint that is left on the brows, remove with warm water.
Here's what I have to say after testing the product ---
  • The K-Palette Eyebrow Tints are effective!  
  • Light brown would look great if you have natural light brow hairs.
  • If you have natural hair, go for Medium Brown.
  • Mocha Brown is perfect for those with reddish brown hair.
  • The K-Palette Eyebrow Tint lasts for 4 days on my test subject and starts to fade on 5th day.  Completely gone by 7th day. 
  • The staying power of the tint depends on the skin condition of the user, if you have oily skin and you tend to rub that area with makeup remover or facial wash, it will disappear quicker.
Overall, I highly recommend the K-Palette Eyebrow Tints for those who want to cut their makeup time!  For the price of Php895.00, it is worth it as you may use this more than 6 times depending on how much product you apply each time.

Available in all Beauty bar stores, Rustan's, SM Department stores, Watsons boutique, Metro Gaisano, Zalora & Beauty bar online.  For more product and brand information, Follow K-Palette Philippines on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Have you tried brow tinting?
What's your take on these new brow products?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi Nikki. I've been a follower ever since but I rarely comment because your article contents answer most of my queries 😊. Pero this one is one of my concerns with peel off eyebrow tints, would it pull off some of my eyebrow hairs? Nakakatakot because mine are sparse. And would the color complement my existing faded eyebrow tattoo? I have it since 1992 (hehehe I haven't done anything with it yet) it's faded and I shade it with an eyebrow pencil or gel just to neutralize the bluish tint. Ugh.

    1. So far, hindi naman siya sumasabit ng super dikit! you just "roll" the hardened tint and if it gets stuck sa brows me, warm water is okay :D

      I know what you mean about faded brow tattoos, you may try this! Go for the darker one! My mom in law has the same concern as you and uses eyebrow tints to save time!

  2. Ms. N which you like better in terms of staying power...this one or the EH one?


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