Sunday, July 23, 2017

AMW Cooks with Grande Rice Brand Oil

I got a call from a very good friend (you know who you are!) recently and he said: "Nikki!  You have to be there!  It's perfect for #AMWCooks !" 

True enough, when I learned the product that's going to be launched in the Philippines, I knew I had to pull out my apron and just be there!

The launch of Grande Rice Brand Oil for today's healthy foodie and amateur cook (aka mom) as well!

I do my groceries, and I do a lot of homecooked meals, that's why I am very particular with the products I use especially cooking oil!  I sear, I pan-fry, I deep fry a lot!  (Check out #AMWCooks on IG #ShamelessPlugIKnow !)  That's why I have to keep in mind the health of my family so learning the this newest cooking oil brand is healthy, I had to give this a try!

"Rice Brand Oil is extracted from the middle layer of the husk and the grain wherein it is rich in natural antioxidants such as Vitamin E, phytosterols and Gamma-orzanol.  Using the finest extraction and physical refinement processes of Grande, it was able to produce one of the healthiest oils in the world that you can use to fry, sear and saute without worrying what you're digesting is too oily and unhealthy for you.  
Grand Rice Brand Oil is labeled as "the Olive Oil of the East" and as such, you can use it in salad as a healthy dressing and base for baking."

And to prove how versatile the oil is, Chef Michael Miko Aspiras (Le Petit Souffle, Scout’s Honor, Freezer Burn) was present at the event to share his favorite recipes using Grande Rice Brand Oil.

I was so lucky I get to cook beside him and listen all his cooking tips!

 Sesame Tuna Aburi Tataki Salad
Grande Rice Brand Oil was used to sear the fresh tuna and the same oil was used to make the sesame oil dressing!  I was surprised I didn't taste anything oily in between bites!  Definitely a dish I would try re-creating at home.

Pork and Beans
Pork Belly was deep-fried to perfection and served with white beans topped with dressing.  

Love the sizzling sound and I love how the pork didn't have any oily-taste.

Pili Donuts and Cream
Chef Miko used the same oil to fry brioche donut balls and it was cooked in perfection!  It was embarrassing to say but I gobbled up this dessert especially since it was served with Pili Butter sauce!

Things you nee dto know about Grande Rice Brand Oil after using at home ---

  • High smoke point (up to 240 to 254 deg celsius) so you can cook at high temperature without compromising the nutritional value and flavor of the food.
  • The natural flavors of the food was retained.  None of the oily-taste.
  • I can re-use the oil without having that "odd oil" taste.

For more information about Grande Rice Bran Oil, please visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get updates.

I can't wait to share more recipes on AMW Cooks soon!  Do follow me on @AskMeWhats Instagram account and watch my IG stories for LIVE cooking sessions every now and then!

What particular cooking oil do you use for your family?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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