Saturday, July 15, 2017

LuMee® Duo™ Review

So I've seen my good friend Phoebe got a cool "lighting" on her iPhone case and I was amazed yet I wasn't sold!  Then goes another good Blogger Friend who goes lighting up her iPhone case whenever she takes a selfie or photos.  I was still indifferent.  I love simple, yet functional phone cases, functional meaning, just there to protect my phone from scratches and from fall. 

Then, it was nighttime at Blue Bay when Kyle Nash was having fun running around playing with Bubbles.  I was there, taking shots after shots of all those wonderful and rare moments.  The photos came out....dark!

That's when I realized, okay, what was that phone case again?

It is called LuMee® Duo™ which you can find at Beyond The Box stores nationwide.

LuMee® Duo™

And the funny thing I realized?  I don't only use the lighting in the dark, I am actually enjoying lighting this up even on bright areas!

"Designed by professional photographer Allan Shoemake, it mimics the effect of ring lights used in fashion photography. With just a press of a button, the  LuMee® Duo™ case bathes your face in a soft, flattering light with studio-quality lights up front and back, too. Taking a portrait of your friend? You can now take it any time of the day. Snapping a flat lay of your favorite food? The restaurant now becomes your studio. Everything is in the best light. They’re still protective cases at the very core, so your iPhone is afforded superior drop protection behind the luxurious soft matte or smooth glossy finish."

Here's how the case looks like with soft-focus lighting in front.

And at the Back!

The best part about this is that you can control the level of brightness!  All you have to do is "long press" and you'll see the light immediately adjust from light to bright.

I actually enjoy using the back light more because it gives "even lighting" to the surrounding which is perfect for my #AMWIGStories .  Yes guys, I use the lighting heavily not only for photos but videos too!

Sample of how the LuMee® Duo™ works.
I like to use the "low brightness setting" more because it gives good lighting minus the harsh effects.

And this is how our selfie looks like inside the car.  You only have to be careful and ready the "subject" that you are turning on the light!  *laughs*  Sorry Kyle, mommy was too excited to test her new "gadget".

But see how much clearer and brighter the photo look even inside a dark vehicle?

The only downside is, if you are a fan of "slim casing", the LuMee® Duo™ definitely isn't that!  It is bulky yet I find it easier to grasp my phone even without my trustee Ungrip.

If you need just 1 lighting, there's LuMee® Two™.  LuMee® Two™ (Php 2,690) or the LuMee® Duo™ (Php 3,190) are available at Beyond The Box stores in the country. Supported iPhone models include iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, and the iPhone 7 Plus. For more information, you may visit, LIKE Beyond the Box on Facebook, and FOLLOW@beyondtheboxph on Instagram.

Do you think you need extra lighting for your phone photos?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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