Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekend Food Trip at: Tenya Tempura Tendon

Aside from Google and online Food Apps, the people I trusted most when it comes to good restaurants are Mr. AMW's colleagues!  They are definitely "foodies at heart" and whenever they rave about something through my husband, I make sure to visit the said restaurant.

One of the most raved restaurant for the season is --- Tenya Tempura Tendon.  The group traveled to Japan, tried the same restaurant there and came back and visited Tenya Tempura Tendon at SM Mall of Asia and gave the seal of approval.  

So I had to schedule our own visit with the family!  And so far, if you want me to keep it short, the experience was good!  What makes this unique?  The sauce that comes with EVERY meal!  

All-Star Tendon
R 200g rice Php295.00
L 250g rice Php325.00
Black Tiger Prawn, Squid, Salmon, 
Kani Stick, Green Beans and Mushrooms

Asakusa Special Tendon 
R 200g rice Php295.00
L 250g rice Php325.00
3pcs Black Tiger Prawn and Green Beans

Buta Kimuchi Tendon

R 200g rice Php265.00
L 250g rice Php295.00
3 Pork Belly slices and Kimuchi

Chicken Mayo Tendon
R 200g rice Php265.00
L 250g rice Php295.00
3pcs Chicken Fillets, green beans, corn kernels, Japanese Mayonnaise

Buta Yakiniku Jyu
Sauteed Buta in onion and dontare sauce
There are more onions in this dish than pork but I don't mind because the sauce is extremely yummy!  I can eat the rice and sauce alone!

It doesn't hurt that the dishes were also approved by Kyle Nash!

Overall, it is a restaurant MUST-try and MUST-visit but I don't see myself really itching to go back just because most of the dishes they offer are fried and they use the same sauce (though yummy), there aren't as many choices as I would like to have!

I like that the food are all served fresh and comes with a good helping of miso soup.

Tenya Tempura Tendon
Ground Floor, North Wing, Entertainment Mall, 
Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City

Have you tried Tenya Tempura Tendon?
Do you have a favorite dish?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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