Thursday, September 7, 2017

AskMeMom Review: Scott's DHA Gummies

When I got pregnant for Kyle, it was the pregnancy the whole family and friends has been waiting for!  So I've got bits and pieces of pregnancy advices, and one big piece of advice from my best friend (Thanks Hen!)  is to take a type of Omega-3 Fatty Acid --- DHA, which is a building block for the baby's brain and eye development.  And I took that supplement consistently for my full pregnancy.

That's me!  5 months pregnant
And true enough, I can see the Benefits of taking DHA during pregnancy as my son was really advanced --- he knew his ABCs before he hits 2 years old, he can read and understand books at the age of 3 without much help needed from me.  His brain is so sharp he knows the street names in going to and from school.

Now that's my main goal as he is growing fast getting ready to get into big school.  How can I make him continue to take his vitamins and supplements for the brain?

Of course, things are easier when he was still inside me, I can easily take the needed vitamins for his body.  But now that Kyle Nash is 4 years old.  I'm sure I am not alone when it comes to the challenge of getting our children eat healthy food, take vitamins or food supplements.  Don't you wish sometimes they're back in our tummies? :P

That's why when I got an invite to attend the launch of Scott's KidDiscovery event at Glorietta happened last month, I knew I had to be there and tag my son along because I wanted to find the best and easiest way to let him take his needed DHA in the most stress-free manner.

During the event, Mr. Jon Lee, Country Head for Skin Health and Nutrition of GSK Consumer Health explained how Scott's DHA Gummies will aid moms in providing yummy ways for children to meet their daily DHA intake.

Did you know that?
DHA helps support normal brain function and development.  In addition to DHA, Scott’s DHA Gummies also contain Vitamin D, which helps support healthy growth and development of bone in children.  Scott’s DHA Gummies is the trusted partner in children’s cognitive development from 2 to 12 years; laying the foundations that will allow them to flourish in the future. 

I was a bit hesitant during the launch on how "fish oil" can be turned into "gummies" without the fishy and yucky taste.  I had to try Scott DHA Gummies myself during the launch and I was amazed how delicious it was!  It was even a first for Kyle to try it and I was so shocked he happily took a small bite one at a time.  (It was his first time to try during the event.)

After a month for Kyle taking Scott's DHA Gummies in both Orange and Strawberry, here's what I have to say ---

  • No fishy taste at all and these gummies tastes extremely good me and my husband also takes some too!
  • Kyle enjoys taking 3 gummies a day and even asks for more!  (I limit to 3 a day as that is the recommended amount.  3 gummies provide 40mg of DHA or 15% of your child's daily DHA+EPA requirement set by WHO and FAO!)
  • Chewing Scott's DHA Gummies isn't difficult and mommies do not have to worry about their kids "choking" because the gummies are extremely soft and easy to chew.
  • Kyle enjoys taking DHA Gummies it turned to be a regular habit (1 gummy after every meal!)
  • The Scott's DHA Gummies comes in packs of 3, 15 and 30.  Loving the pack of 3 because I can easily tote this small pack along even when we go out for long trips.
  • I can easily find and purchase Scott's at Mercury Drug, Watson’s and leading supermarkets nationwide.
Scott's DHA is available in 3s (Php24.00), 15s (Php117.50) and 60s (Php433.00).

Have you tried giving your kids DHA?  Do you think it's crucial for them?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I am also amazed by Kyle when I watch your IG stories. Ang galing na niya magbasa, omg! I'm interested with these gummies too. ☺

  2. Is it safe po ba na pa take sa 4 yrs old even na naka indicate na for 5yrs old above? Thanks

    1. You have to check your pedia, better if sa tamang edad ang pagkain kasi may reason naman bakit nakasulat ang age sa bottle or pack

    2. ilan po b ang pede itake ng 4 year old baby turning 5 year od

  3. Ok lang bang isabay ang Scott's DHA sa honey-C syrup?

    1. Mommy you have to check your son's Pedia para sure! Pero kasi ang Scott's DHA more of vitamins or added vitamins lang, but each child reacts to vitamins or supplements differently, so please check na lang :D

  4. is it ok po b na pagsabayin ang scotts c at dha.. at ilan po b need itake ng 5 yrs old on both c and dha.. thanks

    1. Vitamin C and DHA is okay but my limit ang DHA intake ha? Do check w ith your pedia :D

  5. Is this good for 3 years old kid?


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