Friday, September 8, 2017

New The Base Zero From Kate

I have always loved Japanese base makeup.  I remembered investing highly on Paul & Joe makeup (which is a Japanese brand) way before I entered makeup school and has been using "Japanese branded base makeup" for Bridal clients because they give the most natural-looking, delicate coverage.

Since Paul & Joe is far gone locally, I have always been on a lookout for a good "base" and Kate Tokyo actually got into the list of my "to-go-to" base makeup choices when it comes to client #TrueStory  That's why when I got an invite to learn about their newest The Flawless Skin, Zero line --- a line that gives finish with no hint of heaviness.  I knew I had to be there even if I just got back from sickness.

"The Flawless Skin, Zero, was based on an original Kate idea of aiming for sufficient coverage without a cakey feeling rather than delicate coverage."

Kate Secret Skin CC Base Zero SPF 30/PA++

Available in ONE shade only.  This is a beauty-up pearl powder (contains mica, titanium oxide, ferric oxide and tin oxide).  Fragrane free.

A very lightweight pink beige tone that makes skin looks vibrant at the same time.

 Kate Secret Skin Maker Zero (Liquid)
Available in 6 colors - 
00 Light and Clear Skin, 01 Slightly Light Skin, 02 Average Toned Skin, 
03 Slightly beige-toned skin, 04 Slightly Tanned Skin and 05 Tanned Skin

I love it that this time, a Japanese brand came up with a base with more color choices!  I am so excited to try out 03 Slightly Beige-toned skin which is perfect for me!  I am super happy for my "tanned skin" friends too because they can finally try such brand without having to worry about the lack of shade choices.

Kate Secret Skin Maker Zero (Powder)
Available in 6 colors - 
00 Light and Clear Skin, 01 Slightly Light Skin, 02 Average Toned Skin, 
03 Slightly beige-toned skin, 04 Slightly Tanned Skin and 05 Tanned Skin

Swatch: 05 Tanned Skin

Aside from the perfect base, you need a perfect companion to complete the look!

I am so happy Kate Tokyo finally went out of their comfort zone and created their Dark Metal Eyes.  For 2017 Spring and Summer season, Kate proposes chic and glamorous eyes with dark metallic shine.  To be able to achieve that, they launched ---

Kate Metal Glamour Eyes
Available in 6 shades: 
PK-1 Mauve Pink with feminine shine , RD-1 Bordeaux Red with elegant shine, BU-1 Silver Blue with cool shine
BR-1 Ash Brown with chic shine, BR-2 Bronze Brown with nude shine, BR-3 Grayish Brown with Fashionable shine

Swatch: BR-1 

Then of course, no makeup can be complete without a liner!

Kate Super Sharp Liner EX
Available in Black and Brown

This quick and super easy-to-use, pen-type liquid liner gives out a very natural effect!  

Kate Glamourous Lash

This mascara comes with a mini brush (left) which is meant to be a volumizing base, the bluish gray color makes the mascara even darker while it contains short fibers to help add volume to your lashes.  On the other hand, the curved brush (right) is the volumizing mascara that keeps lashes appear thicker and darker.

One of the many ways to create bigger-looking eyes, perfect base and just simply classy makeup look using all Kate Tokyo's newest products during the launch.

Stunning Mia Ayesa , the Kate Model of the Day

With Robby of Kanefil.  Congratulations!

What's your favorite newly launched item from the Kate Tokyo's Spring/Summer collection?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Not to mention, Japanese brushes are superb too ;)

    1. I agree! what's your favorite Japanese brush brand?

    2. Bisyodo cost me an arm and a leg for a single spoolie brush (my brows are thanking me for it) it is more than worth it.

    3. If it's worth it, why not? my brushes are still working well even after more than a decade! love it!

  2. Yay google is my queen helped me to find this great web site!


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