Saturday, September 9, 2017

Avon True Nutra Effects Line Keeps Beautiful Promises

Healthy and Beauty definitely goes hand in hand!  It was especially proven when I got sick 2 weeks ago!  My skin was extremely dry and flaking, pimples were showing up and the rest of my body is just dry and scaly.

That's when I realized, I need to write and share a blog post on how YOU (we) must take care not only the exterior of our body but also on the inside!  I understand the importance of drinking water, exercising as much as I can (sit ups and jumping jacks in between motherhood) and of course, eat healthily is the key to staying beautiful.

Avon, the big beauty giant company, presents the Avon True Nutra Effects.  This skincare line presents 2 lines that focus on both issues (thank you!) --- Mattifying and Hydra-Boost. 

The Mattifying Line (combination to oily skin) uses Active Seed Complex with Chia Seeds and Mineral Mattifying Powders to help balance the skin's oil production and hydration level.  

Part of this range are the ff. products ----

Mattifying Cleanser
Exfoliates and cleans dirt, impurities, and oil deep down in the pores without harsh stripping.  
This cleanser will reveal refreshed and refined skin.

Mattifying Toner
The oil-free mattifying effect gently removes excess dirt, oil and impurities from the skin surface. 
 It will help reduce excess shine, leaving your skin with a matte, but not dry, finish.

Mattifying/Balance Gel Cream
This is a refreshing water-light gel cream that helps the skin look balanced and minimizes the appearance of pores.  It is designed to help keep the skin's level perfectly balanced.

Then there's the Hydra Boost Line (normal to dry skin).  This line uses Active Seed Complex with Chia Seeds to fortify the skin against harsh environmental factors while maintaining its natural moisture.  Chia Seeds can carry 12 times its weight in water, which can help in retaining skin's moisture for up to 48 hours.

Full range under this line are the ff. products ---

Hydra Boost Cleanser
Clears out skin's impurities and restores skin's health and hydration.  This plant-powered creamy foam cleanser will clean your skin without the tightness.

Hydra Boost Toner
Formulated to help the skin's ability to defend against environmental stressors, restores skin health, and pulls and locks hydration into skin.  This plant-powered toner will revitalize and tone your skin.

Hydra Boost Day Cream
This lightweight cream with SPF15 helps skin to feel and look smooth.  Its formulation is designed to help fortify the skin's barrier against the harsh effects of the weather.

Hydra Boost Gel Cream
This lightweight gel cream helps replenish vital nutrients and locks in moisture all day.  It also provides the skin with 48 hours of moisturization.

I am so excited to know how this line fairs to any of you who has tried!
I can't wait to try the Hydra Boost line! 

Avon True Nutra Effects are available through any Avon Representative today or via online at

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