Thursday, September 14, 2017

How To Fix Your Brows --- First-timers Edition

I've had a couple of clients who literally prevents me from touching their brows.  One example closest to me that I can share is... *ahem* my sister-in-law!  (Hi Grace!) 

As much as I want to talk them out of their comfort zone, I respect their decision to keep their brows in their natural-looking state until they are ready.  So what do I do to keep their brows looking decent without makeing them uncomfortable?

I use Brow Mascaras!  The clear ones!  Just to "groom" and keep their brows in place.

One brand that I've relied on is from Flormar called Eyebrow Fixator Mascara.

a photo of Flormar Brow Fixator Mascara Review

"Eyebrow Fixator Mascara helps you shape your eyebrows easily by making your eyebrows fuller and makes your eye make-up long-lasting. It sets the shape after eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil application. Providing the eyebrows with care thanks to Aloe Vera, sweet almond oil and panthenol in its formula, it also helps your eyebrows to a natural look with its transparent gel texture. You need to apply the Flormar eyebrow setter starting from the inside out. By doing so, your eyebrow shape will stay the same."

What's unique with the Brow Fixator from Flormar is their brush applicator.  As opposed to the usual "mascara wand", this comes in a short comb as shown on photo below making it easy to get into each brow strands.

a photo of Flormar Brow Fixator Mascara

Closer look, you see a good amount of gel on the brush, it's clear and non-greasy.  So you don't have to worry about this product weighing your brow hairs.

a photo of Flormar Brow Fixator Mascara

For those who loves to draw their brows, this is best used after you're done applying all products as this helps "set" your brows in place keeping the brow products intact for the rest of the day.

As for the purpose of this blog post --- for those who are scared to do anything for their brows, treat this as a clear "gel" for the brow hairs!  Without much effort, just brush through the wand going both in and outwards to "wrap" the gel over each hair strand.  

a photo of Flormar Brow Fixator Mascara_askmewhats

Before and After
Because of the "Glossy" finish, your brows look healthier, fuller (actually) and more defined even without using any brow products.

before and after photo of Flormar Brow Fixator Mascara_askmewhats

Are you confident in fixing your brows?
Do you have friends who don't like to have their brows "touched"?

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  1. I'll share your link to my brother who have very unruly brow.

  2. Yeah I almost pounced a makeup artist for daring to pluck my eyebrows. 32 here and still with virgin eyebrows. They have a nice arch to them but I think I could use that gel mascara thingy.

    1. wow, the makeup artist should have asked you before she plucked!

  3. Kakaiba yun wand nya pero mukhang effective!


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