Friday, September 15, 2017

How To Fix Your Brows (Part 2)

Yesterday, I talked about the easiest way to fix your brows if you are a newbie or if you just don't want to do anything on your brows!

Today, I am inspired to do a Part 2 of this topic because, there are some of you who have color-treated hair and this is the best way to change the way you look without getting out of your comfort zone.

I got the Karadium x Pucca Eyebrow Cara online via YEF Shop just because I love Pucca and I used to collect her dearly!  Little did I know that aside from the product looking "just cute" to be a collection, I finally mustered enough courage to use it and it actually goes beyond cuteness!  It works!

a photo of Karadium x Pucca EyeBrow Cara  Light Brown

This Pucca Love Edition Brow Cara is available in 3 shades (01 Light Brown, 02 Dark Brown and 03 Gray Brown).  I picked Light Brown because that has always been my choice shade for Brow Mascaras.

You get 6.5g of product and I'm so happy it the packaging is simple yet it has a very cute full body of Pucca printed on tube and box!   This will be kept for sure even if I used up the product.

Let's look into the applicator, I actually like the shorter tube packaging because the wand is also short making it easy to work.

The brush wand is short (half an inch) and you get a side where the bristles are really short while the other side is longer.

a photo of Karadium x Pucca EyeBrow Cara  Light Brown

The Karadium Eyebrow Cara has spherical silicone resin powder that does not only keep your brows in place and tint your brows, it actually can help absorb large amount of oil and moist on brow hairs to give a neat-looking powder finish.  This is ONE brow product I can depend on if I am aiming for the Korean Brows trend.  It gives a soft finish.

a photo of Karadium x Pucca EyeBrow Cara  Light Brown_askmewhats

Before and After
I was surprised how highly pigmented this product is.  It tinted my brows into a beautiful, natural-looking light brown shade!  All I need to do is add in brow powder or use a separate brow pencil to define my brows.  

a photo of askmewhats Karadium x Pucca EyeBrow Cara  Light Brown

The product gives a powder-finish so my brows remain dry-looking, no clumps and not fake-looking.  This is my current Brow Cara favorite!   I am ready to repurchase again for backups because it is that good!  It doesn't hurt that the packaging is cute too!

This is my tip to those who have color-treated hair, you MUST color or tint your brows too!

Karadium Pucca Eyebrow Cara is priced locally at Php480.00 available at YEF Shop.

Have you found the best Brow Cara to help tint your brows?

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  1. I love the spoolie of this! Your brows look fuller in a natural way, I'm so over with those overly drawn brows.

    1. I know what you mean! :) thick, natural and just fluffy is the new trend :D

  2. visiting you here! have a nice day! :)


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