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The Smile Bar Triple Whitening Review

When people asks me which part of my body I find beautiful, I can't seem to pinpoint a physical aspect of mine but I always end up with one answer: "My Smile."  I know I don't have the best smile in the world, I don't have good-looking teeth --- they're yellow and uneven-toned (Coffee drinker here!)  One thing for sure, I am quite confident that I can give out the most genuine smile because that's how I feel deep inside --- pure happiness and appreciation to the person I'm smiling at.

But obviously, I'm only human, deep inside, I wished my teeth are whiter, I wished I don't need to use a certain shade of lipstick to make them appear brighter and pry myself away from lipsticks that make them yellowish.  That said, when The Smile Bar launched its' first-ever store in the Philippines last August 8th, I  knew I had to visit when I get the chance --- even with the crazy traffic and rain.

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening askmewhats nikki tiu and alyssa lapid
with good friend Alyssa Lapid
 The Smile Bar started in Hong Kong and Bangkok in 2015 and 2016 respectively.  Thankfully, they made their way to our country offering safe and effective teeth whitening services to us Filipinos.  How effective it is?  I wasn't sure about the service but after hearing my good friend Angela's testimonials during our Salon date, Alyssa and I were sold!  We chose a common free day to visit The Smile Bar just because we wanted to see the results ourselves and the same time, enjoy the bonding session!  And The Smile Bar did NOT disappoint.

This service as reported on my Social Media Accounts got the most queries!  I was actually just leaving the location when I got several private messages on this particular service so I've decided to hurry up and write this review!

Let me walk you through my personal experience on my journey to a whiter teeth.

Firstly, walk-in customers are welcomed but it is better if you set a schedule.  Alyssa and I were set at 2:30pm and we were greeted by the friendly staffs of The Smile Bar.  (Thanks girls!)

Step 1:  Customer Briefing
Since both Alyssa and I were first-timers, we were briefed by the process and pre-treatment teeth assessment was done using their teeth shade guide.

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening askmewhats

This is the Bleaching Shade Guide
Note: I'm S22 pre-treatment

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening Review

Step 2: Pre Whitening
Mouth cleansing tools were used.  It started with rinsing using the Brilliant Smile Mouth Rinse and I was given a new set of toothbrush and I was asked to brush my own teeth.

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening Review

I was also given an Oral Cleansing Activator in which I need to "scrub" my teeth to remove excess saliva, water or food particles.

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening askmewhats

Step 3 Whitening
The "egg chair" is the ultimate bestfriend when you visit The Smile Bar.  It's cute and extremely comfortable!  This is the place were you will spend 95% of your time during the treatment.

a photo of askmewhats The Smile Bar Triple Whitening

The Teeth Whitening Gel is applied on the mouth tray (don't worry, fresh new mouth tray for EACH client, they rip open a new one in front of you just like how hospitals show you they use new needle to every single patient.).

This teeth whitening gel is atcually the "secret" because this can safely remove discolorations and stains from the enamel with the help of LED Plasma Light Technology. 

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening Review

I was assured the LED Plasma Light Technology is safe and this helps activates the whitening gel.
The gel is safe I can even swallow my saliva with the gel in between treatment!

I wore my protective glasses and I'm ready to go!

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening Review

Did you know that?
The Smile Bar has FREE WIFI connection and they will lend you iPad and...

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening Review

headphone so you won't get bored during treatment.

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening Review

Each treatment goes for a good 20 minutes.  You have to make sure you sit back and relax because the LED Light will be pointed directly towards the mouth tray, so each movement may tend to "misalign" the LED Light thus you have to be careful not to move too much! 

Side story: Alyssa and I were moving a lot dancing along with songs so we both ended up holding the LED Light which is okay!  It assures that we get the best results.  Don't worry, the staffs will always be there to check the alignment every now and then, and they're great in understanding had gestures because obviously, we can't talk!  :P

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening_askmewhats Nikki Tiu

Step 4: Customer Debriefing
Post-treatment teeth assessment were done using teeth shade guide.  Mind you, they show you the result on EACH treatment, I went for Triple Whitening so I went for 3 x 20 minutes treatment!  I'll show you the result on each treatment by reading further down.

Part of the debriefing is the application of Nano Seal Total+ which is an add-on to ANY treatment you choose.  Nano Seal Total+ reinforces the enamel and seals the whiteness of your teeth.  With this, I get to jump back into my regular lifestyle (coffee-drinking, eating, etc...) with NO DOWN TIME.  But of course it is best to avoid strong colored drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine, soda.  Avoid food that cause stains like chocolates.  Acidic food such as tomatoes, vinegor, soy, citrus and chili sauce, etc...  Caring for your teeth after treatment will prolong the "whiter-teeth" result!  

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening

My Shade Guide
From S22, I jumped down to S16 --- 6 shades lighter guys!  

Please note that each person has a unique anatomy and we respond to whitening treatment differently (just like how differently we react on skincare products).  The result will depend but the average of customers is 5 shades whiter after one treatment.

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening

Now here's what everyone's been waiting for!  Photos to prove!  I apologize in advance for the extremely dry lips, it's an hour of treatment guys!  But fret not, they are kind enough to apply Vaseline Petroleum jelly all over your lip pre-treatment to prevent lips from further chapping.

Photos taken in the same area, with the same lighting.

before and after photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening_askmewhats

Before and After of Triple Whitening on AMW

before and after photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening askmewhats

Can you see the difference?  I just can't stop smiling!

The Big Question is: How Long Do Teeth Whitening Results Last?
I was told a max of 6 months if you take are of your teeth and practice good dental hygiene.  It was recommended to me that I visit once a quarter and use their post-whitening products regularly to keep teeth clean and bright.

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening

Just so you know, I had an extremely good experience at The Smile Bar and I will definitely return for treatments.  I have sensitive gums but surprisingly, I did not feel any PAIN or tingling sensation at all (which I was advice some may have that type of sensation).  My least favorite part is the application of NanoSeal Total+ because it has a very strong "plastic balloon" scent but a tip for you is to hold your breath a couple of times during application (it only takes a minute or so) and you'll be fine.

And maybe, if you're the type who can't sit still, it will take a bit of effort to sit for 20-60 minutes but as Alyssa and I told ourselves through "WhatsApp" --- "Tiis Ganda".

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening askmewhats

To book an appointment, visit or you may contact them by phone (0917) 148-56-59 or (02) 541-2853.

The Smile Bar
2nd Floor, Cluster 2,
Uptown Parade BGC Taguig City

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening

Price Details:
Single Whitening: Php2,999.00
Double Whitening: Php4,999.00
Triple Whitening: Php6,499.00
Nano Seal Total +: Php1,299.00 

Did you see any difference on my teeth after the treatment?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'd like to know, is there any licensed dentist among the staff?

    1. Sorry it took so long but I actually emailed them and got this reply:
      "The whitening services offered at The Smile Bar are solely for aesthetic purposes only. They only remove extrinsic stains unlike other whitening treatments you would get in a dental center." Ex. going to a spa vs. going to a derma to cleanse your skin.

      I was told this is only cosmetic and non-invasive. Hope this helps


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