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Personalized Professional Makeup KIT by DOB

a photo of DOB PRO Makeup Bag Review
Me with my newet DOB Pro Makeup Bag!

A couple of years ago, I purchased my ZUCA case for approximately Php12,000+ and that was a LONG time ago!  I never used or purchased any other makeup traincase after using the ZUCA bag because it works for me in SO MANY WAYS ---
  • Easy to tote around whether hotels or on location shoots.
  • Comes with pouches so I can easily separate makeup based from category. (1 bag for base makeup, 1 bag for blush and powders, 1 bag for lipsticks, another 1 for eyeshadows etc...)
  • Easy to set and organize makeup on ANY table as I just pull out the bag, fold the cover and Voila!  I have my own "drawers"!
  • Looks neat for both MUA and clients.
  • Easy to pack up, since I can return the products easily after every use.  Once done with work, I only need to close the zipper and insert the utility bags inside the KIT and I'm ready to leave!
  • I can sit on it and boy oh boy does this HELP A LOT!  There were so many times during a shoot that chair really isn't a thing!  So I am proud to say, I have my own chair anytime, any day!
  • Perfect size for travel, can be used as a handcarry so your makeups are well-protected.  Aside from that, the bag can easily pass through airplane aisles!
  • Multi-purpose, this KIT is not only for makeups but for any other stuff you desire.  (Art materials for artists, clothes for traveler, gadgets for Photographers/videographers and a whole lot more!)
  • Can store other products like makeup tools even my extension cord as the bag has a lot of zippered compartments.

The list goes on and on!  But recently, I've noticed my Zuca bag going through tough times, the "leatherette" portion is starting to peel and I'm not judging Zuca because I used this bag for almost a decade!  Though the bag still works fine, unfortunately, it doesn't look good on photos especially for Bridal Makeup.  Time to invest again on a new bag and thankfully, I've found an alternative!

Fellow makeup artist friend Dee, a Pro Makeup Artist, wanted to create a Zuca-Like KIT locally-made and sourced so she can price them affordably to give chances to fellow makeup artists to lead an easier life, because Makeup Artistry is really hard work!   With that in mind, she created a Zuca-like bag and MORE (more because she did some changes that works even better!).  

Introducing, The DOB PRO Makeup Bag!

a photo of DOB PRO Makeup Bag Review

The DOB PRO Makeup Bag is locally-made, from the metal frame to the vinyl, wheels and even the utitlity pouches were also locally-sourched!  I feel so good (honestly) when I'm buying products that are made in the Philippines.

a photo of DOB PRO Makeup Bag Review

Now, the huge PRO that I may add, aside from the inexpensive price, Dee offers introductory price of Php8,000 (which is a wholesale price and price will increase anytime soon!), I like the fact that I get to see the product at once, check the quality before I spend my hard-earned money.

Another bonus?  I can have the bag personalized!  Imagine that? 

a photo of DOB PRO Makeup Bag Review

I am a walking advertiser once I lug this bag around my gigs!  And that's not all, the DOB Pro Makeup bag is not only for makeup artists, just like Zuca, it was originally made for travelers, ice-skaters and businessmen who like to organize their stuff. 

a photo of DOB PRO Makeup Bag Review

So if you are a frequent flyer, you may want to have this as your handcarry because you can easily store clothes (unwrinkled), your gadgets (well-protected) and other products and even have them categorized per utility bag --- this OC girl is seriously smiling from ear-to-ear!

Bag comes with 4 utitility see-through pouches.
a photo of DOB PRO Makeup Bag Review

And of course, it is best to have your NAME printed para mahiya naman ang gustong magnakaw!  I mean, imagine, having your name and maybe your favorite character printed on the "flap"?  I can imagine this can also be a great conversation starter!  I've had clients asking me where I got my bag1

You don't have to agree with me because "To use is to believe"!  You only need to use them and you won't look back!  Life changing talaga siya guys and I am not trying to twist your arm!  I have both ZUCA and DOB and I can seriously say, this is close to original and even BETTER!

Side pockets are the same as Zuca.  The bag is around half an inch taller than the original which I like!

a photo of DOB PRO Makeup Bag Review

The inside pouches that you can put all your makeup tools.  You can easily see through it so it makes your life easier talaga!

a photo of DOB PRO Makeup Bag Review

The back of the bag and there's a small flap to put your business card or ID.

a photo of DOB PRO Makeup Bag Review

For detailed review, click my ZUCA review as it is almost the same, the only difference is that The DOB Pro Makeup Bag doesn't use any "faux leather" on the sides so you don't have to worry about future peeling.  Aside from that, the second difference I can see are the pouches, Zuca pouches are bigger while the latter is smaller.  I personally like the bigger bags but that's just me!  You can easily purchase pouches depending on your requirements.

Since my ZUCA Kit is still working properly, I use them to store my makeups at home while the DOB Professional Makeup KIT is what I use for gigs.  As for making my life easier, I use the OLD ZUCA Pouches for Bridal Makeups and switch to the DOB utility pouches for smaller gigs, good thing I have more pouches so I don't need to switch makeups - huge hassle and I'm sure a lot of you Pro MUA can relate!  With more pouches, I can just switch pouches between gigs depending on the number of heads I need to do makeup on or depending on the requirements of my clients.

I even use the pouch for my personal makeups!
I love it that I can see the products easily and my stuff are protected from dirt and dust.

a photo of DOB PRO Makeup Bag Review

Thankful that I can sit on it anytime I needed too!  

a photo of DOB PRO Makeup Bag Review

I know, I'm raving!  That's what I do when I found something worthwhile!  Thanks DEE and Travis for creating such bag!  A great investment indeed!

How to order:
Facebook: Dee Ordonez Ig: Email: You can order via private message in Facebook or Instagram. They ship nationwide. (free shipping with in Metro Manila)

How do you like my new Pro Makeup Bag?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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