Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lusting Over: The School of Satchel

I have always been a genuine leather-type of girl!  Brand names aren't important to me as I lean towards to practicality!  So I would rather "lug" a genuine leather bag than a faux-leather bag (branded or not) as the lifespan will only be around a year to a year and a half (max!)  

Trust me, I took notes, so I know!

One of my favorite local leather goods brand is Fino and I have always been on a lookout for brands that offers not only quality but also STYLE.  

I found that at the brand The School of Satchel - A homegrown Filipino brand born 2011, I've seen their online presence and store presence for years and I'm happily sharing to all of you my top picks!

Charlie Satchel in Midnight Blue

When these types of bags were fashionable 3-4 years ago, I stopped myself from getting one because I have always been a "huge bag" girl!  But seeing this color and design changed my mind!  This is a great bag to tote along with you for meetings!

Diaper Bag with 3 way waterproof lining

Diaper bags are so important in any mom's life!  They can really make or break your day when you're out with your little Angel!

This is spacious, have the right pockets to insert whatever baby stuff needed!  You get the good amount of space you need to easily grab the needed products because seriously, you don't have enough time to rummage through your complicated bags when you have a crying baby!

Joaquin Laptop Bag Full Grain

If there are things you really need to invest on, are protective products for your expensive gadgets!  I used to purchase cheap mobile phone casing, laptop bags and iPad sleeves, now that I'm older (hopefully wiser)  I an investing on durable stuff to protect my gadgets because you spent a lot on your gadget, you might as well spend a little bit more to protect them from all sorts of harm!

And of course, if you are planning to do corporate giveaways, wedding giveaways and other needs for gifting, you may want to look into these Envelope Pouches (Php860.00 each) housed in a box with Monogram (as requested for a minimal amount I believe).

I can literally smell genuine leather upon typing this post!

What's your favorite pick from SOS?

For more information, visit, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I reember they have one in screaming yellow I hold

  2. Remebered they have one in screaming yellow but I hold back...I have to tame myself to get it neutral colors mine. My Mom's leather bag last until now (she's an 80's gal) so I have an idea how durable real leather.


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