Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekend Food Trip at: Gumbo

I have dined at Gumbo a couple of times with my family but I only wrote about it once and it was almost 8 years ago!  (Read post HERE)

So fast forward to today, my family and I were hungry when we met at Robinsons Magnolia, we used to love to go for Pepper Lunch but we wanted somewhere quiet were we can easily catch up as Pepper Lunch is located at the Food Court of the mall.

So with hungry stomachs, we were back for yet another fun bonding with my brother and parents and I tell you, we never leave the restaurant hungry!

Baked Artichoke Formaggio
Grande Php395.00
These are freshly baked garlic bread chips (which I really love since they took the effort to make it a garlic bread instead of just regular bread).  I wish they added more Artichoke to it as I tasted mostly cream!

Baked Lasagna
(Petite: Php325.00/Grande: Php525.00)
Because I had a tastebuds "blast" at Cafe Illy (they serve really yummy lasagna), I was craving for another round but actually didn't find it here at Gumbo, their Lasagna isn't bad but it has more "herb" taste than most Lasagnas I've tried.  These are multi-layer of lasagna with pomodoro sauce, meat sauce and ricotta mixture with mozzarella.  

Fish and Chips
(Petite: Php395.00/Grande: Php495.00)
Because my dad has always been into battered fish, I ordered this dish for him with his favorite sidings - mashed potatoes.  Thankfully, the Dory was done so flavorful my dad actually had this without touching the remoulade sauce!

Bourbon-Style Baby Back Ribs
Petite: Php595.00/Grande: Php995.00
Hubby has always been a Ribs person so he was craving for the seasoned pork-ribs which was char-broiled to perfection!  Thankfully, the BBQ sauce used isn't that spicy so even my son can enjoy some of his dad's favorite dish!

Grilled Pork Chops
(Petite: Php395.00/Grande: Php495.00)
My mom and brother ordered similar dish and they finished the whole plate!  These are tender pork chops marinated in special seasoning.

Gumbo definitely is a family place who serves big servings of American dishes!  The ambiance is cozy enough for family and friends to catch up and I like it that they offer complimentary bread which I super love because they make it on their own!

What's your favorite GUMBO dish?

Have you visited this place anytime within the year?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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