Sunday, March 11, 2018

Birthday Food Trip at: Uma Uma, S Maison

Whenever we celebrate birthdays, I am sure to gain a couple of pounds because there will always be celebration for --- my family, husband's family, friends and more friends!

And my way of celebration will always be in a restaurant stuffing our faces with great food because that is how I celebrate since birth! :P

Since my birthday falls on a weekday and my hardworking hubby usually stays in the office until late, I've decided to look for a restaurant nearby (which is SM MOA) but I wanted a place less crowded.

S Maison is the answer!  Thankfully, there are more restaurants to choose from and I went for Uma Uma Ramen!

There were only a few items on menu but what the heck?  I LOVE my ramen and I call it my comfort food!  So what's the best place to eat but a restaurant that specializes on Ramen!

Thankfully, for non-Ramen eaters (are you from outer space? :P), they also serve 2-3 rice dishes which is equally good and worthwhile!  No wonder for a boring weeknight, the place was actually packed!

One-Bite Gyozas
Mini gyoza designed for eating in just one bite, especially for women so as not to ruin their lipstick. The gyoza is tasty but sticks together.

They mean it when they say ONE-BITE.  I can even stuff 2 of these at a time! :P  But so far, this doesn't fail!  I've had gyozas so many times in my lifetime and when I say they are good, they are good!

Dashi Maki Tamago
Nothing special, these are just eggs but they are soft, fluffy and yummy!  Egg lovers should try this.

They do it like in Japan!  

Tuna Don
This is new on menu.  A small bowl of rice dish with fresh tuna.
If you are a fan of fresh tuna, you definitely have to give this a try!  I love this!

Cha Siu Don
A small bowl of rice but definitely worth every bite.  The Cha Siu (pork) is extremely soft, tender and tasty!  Love the sweet, tangy sauce that goes on the rice itself!  It has a wooden "burnt" taste that I think made this dish really unique.

Garlic Ramen

Chasiu, Garlic, Garic Oil, White Onion, Beansprouts,

Fried Shallots and Egg
We also tried Uma Uma Ramen (their specialty) but forgot to take a photo of them. I would say the soup base of Uma Uma Ramen is a bit too rich (and "egg-y"). while the Garlic Ramen has a strong taste of garlic so eaten alone could get a bit overwhelming for the taste buds.  I actually like splitting both in 2 and try on 2 variants just because I like choices.

As for Garlic Ramen, I wish they didn't come with beansprouts, if you're not a fan of this vegetable, you may ask them not to include it as the taste it overwhelming!  (Personal opinion)

Chicken Karaage
If you wonder why this looks different, this is OUR deconstructed version!  If I order something for my son, I always ask the server to separate everything!  Just to make sure I can control the ingredient I will put into my son's mouth!  I love that the Karaage itself is flavorful, crunchy and the meat is juicy (not dry)!  I can actually get away even without the lemon and dressing on the side.

Uma Uma Ramen
Level 2, S Maison, Conrad Manila
Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral Way, Pasay City
Tel. No.: (632) 800-7663

Have you tried Uma Uma Ramen?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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