Friday, March 2, 2018

Feel The Difference with Aetrex

I always put my best foot forward in everything I do but what if my best foot isn't at its' best state?
Well, that has been always my case!  And I always thought I have high arch that makes my feet sore after just a few minutes of standing up but thanks to Aetrex, I learned something about my feet.

Aetrex was launched in the Philippines last February 22 in Res|Toe|Run Glorietta 4, Makati.  The brand has pioneered the creation of medically-oriented footwear and foot care products to instantly improve foot health and footwear performance.

I was told that for over 70years, Aetrex has teamed up with several healthcare professionals, countless multi-brand retailers and leading footwear brands all over the globe including  New Balance, Asics, Rockport, Red Wing and Wolverine Worldwide to name a few.

That matters to me!  A brand that has been there for several decades, a brand that is trusted by other known footwear brands.  And they are finally here, in the Philippines!

During the exclusive media launch, Aetrex conducted a live demonstration of the iStep Nova with the help of PETER MALKIN – Vice President for International Business , Aetrex Worlwide.

"Hailed as the most technologically-advanced foot scanning technology ever developed, the Nova features a significant breakthrough design that enables it to perform highly-accurate foot scans without the need to use conductive rubber mats. In turn, the Nova delivers long-term consistency and eliminates the need to clean and reposition mats prior to a scan. Plus, no rubber mats mean that one is alleviated from the need to replace parts of the machine after prolonged use which requires recalibration."

Result during the demonstration
Left is the original feet of the model while right is were the insoles were used.  
See the balance and even distribution of weight?

I also did my own test and here's the result.

L-without Aetrex Insole.

Apart from the unveiling of the iStep Nova, they also launch Aetrex's Lynco Orthotics line.

Lynco Orthotics are available in four varieties to match different types of footwear as well as the unique biomechanical needs of different foot types.

The line feature the Lynco Speed Orthotics for active footwear; Lynco Casual Orthotics for common footwear styles; and the Lynco Fashion Orthotics for heels, ballet flats, and pumps. Also included in the collection is the Lynco Flips and Slides, which are flip-flops that are made from UltraSKY™ injected EVA to provide extreme cushioning, shock attenuation and durability.

A full range of various footwear were also available during the launch for us to check out.

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Have you heard about Aetrex?
Do you need help with your feet?

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