Saturday, March 3, 2018

My First Gelish Polygel® Experience

I started exploring on different polish shades as early as Highchool!  It wasn't allowed in my super conservative school but I got away applying wild colors at night, erasing them every morning (ganyan ako ka-addict friends!)  

That's why when you ask me to apply nail polish (without nail art), I can do that in less than 5 minutes both hands (complete with base coat, nail polish shade and top coat!)

But some days, I wanted a bit of pampering and I wanted my polish to stay for weeks!  When I got an invite to try Gelish Polygel®  , I was a bit hesitate because based from research, I would need at least 6 hours inside the nail salon and I don't have that much time!

Thankfully, Danny Haile, founder and CEO of Nail Harmony, the company behind Gelish™ Soak-
Off Polish and Morgan Taylor exhausted all efforts to come up with the perfect formula that will allow nail technicians to work faster and more accurately on their customers’ nails. This is how the Gelish™ Polygel® System was formed.  Thanks to Joel for inviting me as I get to try this awesome service at Kallista!

a photo of Gelish Polygel review by Nikki Tiu

What is Gelish Polygel®?

"It's a hybrid between hard gel and acrylic nails, the Polygel® System was inspired by the
desire to create a product that keeps all the best features of the two; while removing all
the aspects that make them hard to work with."

The system looks like this!

First, my nails was cleaned by the nail technician and Acrylic gel was attached on my fingernails to extend the length making it more beautiful than ever!

a photo of Gelish Polygel review by Nikki Tiu

I was super scared with the length at first but you don't have to worry as the Nail Technician will ask you your desired length!  She will cut the acrylic and file it with the shape you desire.  I always go for square nails because it looks better that way!

a photo of Gelish Polygel review by Nikki Tiu

I was told that unlike hard gel, Polygel® is not self-leveling and stays where your nail technician puts
it; and unlike acrylic, it does not harden until it is cured using LED light.  I like it that the nail technician takes her time in application to give the desired thickness I want.  Mine came out a bit thicker than the rest of my friends, it takes a bit of time getting used to it but I'm happy that my nails are stronger than ever!

a photo of Gelish Polygel review by Nikki Tiu

Thankfully, what I noticed about Polygel® is that it doesn't have any nasty scent!  I also like the fact that this service can be done even on pregnant and lactating women!  That's why my good friend Shen was able to have her nails done and I saw how happy she was to be able to get some pampering time during pregnancy because I  know how hard it is!

a photo of Gelish Polygel review by Nikki Tiu

With just a couple of secods under LED Gel Light, my nails are dry and I can immediately use my phone, grab money inside the wallet or eat! 

a photo of Gelish Polygel review by Nikki Tiu

As of the moment, my nails still look like the one on photo below, fresh as new and I absolutely adore the shade used on me!  

It is very important to note that this service should e done only at reputable nail salons and give yourself at least 3-4 hours for such service!  It was hard for me as I am very conscious with time but I'm glad I went through this because how can I be a Nail Enthusiast if I haven't tried all sorts of services for the nails?

a photo of Gelish Polygel review by Nikki Tiu

The only downside is that I have to go back to the salon to have this gel removed.  Though it's good news for me that removal will only take about 20 minutes!  I would say, try this at least once in your life because once you see the result, it'll make you happy!  I don't have to hide my nails whenever I meet clients or talk to friends.  

Gelish™ Polygel® is a professional nail enhancement system that is now available at
leading salons nationwide, inlcuding Kallista Nail Pamper Lounge, Beauty Source
Greenhills, Beauty & Butter Nail Lounge, Be Pampered Nail Studio in BGC, ECRU in
Banawe and White Plains, The Spa at Reveal and Reveal Nail Lounge in La Union, Aura
Salon in Uptown Mall and Katipunan, Nail Distrique in Tomas Morato.

To know more about it, LIKE Gelish Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

How do you like the result of my nails?
Would you go for such service?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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