Thursday, March 29, 2018

The ORIGINAL Penguin Store

I have known about the brand Original Penguin for many years now!  I've first seen their store in Hong Kong and actually owned quite a few because I love how comfortable they feel and how they last no matter how many washes!

But these days, style has evolved, people are starting to wear more fashionable pieces (no matter how uncomfortable they are!)  I have gone through the same bandwagon and have worn several uncomfortable clothing just to feel how it is to be part of fashion!

Now where's the comfort in fashion you say?

Thankfully, the Original Penguin offers more than just comfort, they offer a whole lot of style, even lifestyle!

The new Rockwell location showcases Original Penguin’s aesthetic of contemporary style, without compromising classic appeal. The brand is now larger than ever, becoming a one-stop shop that features its classic and latest collections of apparel and accessories, alongside its newest offerings, bedding and luggage. It has also become the first international fashion brand to hold a full-service barbershop inside its retail stores.

Aside from the usual wide array of classic apparel for men, women and children, the new store in Power Plant carries the latest Spring Collection entitled "Mixtape".

It features eclectic references of the modern world combined with the 90’s casual and beach-inspired lifestyle. Filled with stripes, color-blocking, and prints, the collection offers a wide selection, perfect for styling up a relaxed, yet sophisticated summer wardrobe.

Of course, you will still see the iconic golf shirt that the brand has been known for!

And guess what?  The store also offers the limited edition Original Penguin Line with comfortable beddings and decorative throw pillows.  

And for jet-setters who want to look fab?  They also introduces the Montana Luggage!  Available in three sizes and colors. (Exclusively available at Power Plant Mall branch only)

And just when you thought I'm done with the news, well, guess what? 

Exclusive to its Power Plant and SM Mall of Asia outlets is the House of Handsome, Original Penguin’s in-house barbershop. Operated by the skillful and trained barbers of Felipe and Son, it offers specialized cuts and grooming services that cater to the needs of the modern gentlemen of all ages, making it a perfect bonding place for fathers and sons.

I personally love the store and how it is a one-stop shop for the whole family!  In just an hour (or less!)  I was able to shop for myself, my son and hubby!  I can't wait to tell Mr. AMW the good news about House of Handsome because he had tried grooming service at Felipe and Son last year and loved it!

Another one of my favorite pick during the store visit!  Do you like it?

I personally think this is a great store when you want to "Twin" with your significant other or your kids! 

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  1. I've seen this store near my area but, I haven't tried checking it out. Perhaps I should be more curious of my environment. 😅

    1. hahaha it's okay! I am the same too, always on a rush!


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