Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I Shine Bright with PANDORA

a photo of Nikki Tiu of at PANDORA SPRINT 2018 Event

PANDORA has been around for so many years but it took a while, for me to finally own my very precious piece of PANDORA jewelry (gifted by my hubby).  It's not because I don't like it, I want them, I liked them a lot!  It's just that, I lean on more to golds when it comes to accessories.  It just looks better on my skintone.

So when I learned that PANDORA takes a fresh new design direction with their first 18k gold-plated sterling silver collection, I knew I had to be there to take a sneak peek and see which one I would invest on for the year 2018.

When the collection was unveiled during the launch, I was a bit overwhelmed as it is a HUGE collection.  Now to keep us sane, there are actually 2 collections for PANDORA Spring 2018.

1st Collection: Bee Mine

Inspiring women to believe that anything is possible with will and determination. With the Queen Bee as the centerpiece of the collection, the luscious and decadent offering will make any woman swoon at its glossy honey colours, royal vibrant yellows, black enamel stripes, and clear cubic
zirconia stones, inspired by the geometric structure of honeycombs. The heart-shaped Honeycomb lace earrings, ring and pendant are winning pieces, just simply hard to resist. Further, a new limited edition choker, ring and bracelet with sophisticated bee details and geometric shapes, reminiscent of the honeycomb, are minimalist must-haves.

2nd Collection: Rays of Sunshine

This collection embraces women beaming with joy, warmth and compassion. With a special vintage look from its golden enamel hue that capture a solar mood, the Rays of Sunshine charm and pendant have a special distinct feel that attracts positive energy for the soul. A piece to watch out for from this collection is the new sliding bracelet, a contemporary new bracelet design with a subtle bohemian feel that puts a chic spin on any look.

Consisting of several layers, PANDORA Shine is a high-quality plating solution - sterling
silver used as the metal core, palladium serving as the second layer and deep, rich 18k
gold on top. Hand-finished to perfection, PANDORA Shine is brought to life by a
combination of electroplating, a traditional artisan technique, and modern technology.

Real life shots taken during the event, they look even more beautiful in person!  It was really hard to take a nice shot when they are housed in a glass!

What's your pick?  I can't seem to choose!  I promise you, they all look something you would wear each and every single day!




I am so happy with how PANDORA showcased their collection focusing on Women Empowerment.  I love how each piece would convey a message of empowerment, courage and confidence.  Women definitely needed a reminder each day on how powerful we are in our own special ways

Thanks PANDORA for having me!

Have you picked your favorite item?

Are you into Bee Mine or Rays of Sunshine or mixture of both?

I'd go for the latter!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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