Friday, April 20, 2018

AskMeMom: Kyle's First Birthday Celebration in School

A lot of YOU asked me on both emails, DMs and even texts --- How Do You Manage Your Time?

Well, I don't know about you but it takes years of practice!  I started time management as early as gradeschool years!  With all the assignments I get (4 exams plus Chinese memorization for both Language and History), I learned to really count every minute and follow my own timetable!

All of you AMW friends knew how busy my life is especially if you follow me on Social Media, but for the latter part of March and the whole month of April, my schedule is even worst!  With my dad's  recent stairs accident and stroke, I had to add in daily visits to the hospital (now: HOME).

What made my life even more challenging is the fact that I have to continue to be there for my son who needs and seeks my attention much more than ever!  

And since April 16 was his 5th birthday and a FIRST for him to celebrate in school (his previous school was on summer vacation during his birth month.), I knew I had to at least give him a decent celebration because even with troubles coming my way, life does not stop there!

A huge shoutout to my loving hubby for taking workday-off to help me out on this!  THANKS MR. AMW!

The food part was easy, we ordered fastfood on that day and even purchased his requested "Red Ribbon" cake.  Thankfully, they offer a Jollibee cake  which matches the food theme.

Now let's talk about the loot bag!  I obviously do not have time to go to "Divisoria" like other moms so I obviously went for the easier route -- ONLINE SHOPPING.

One of the Online Shopping App I always go for is Shopee - I learned about the effectiveness of Shopee through my sister-in-law because she also has a shop there!

I started shopping at Shopee when Kyle was crazy with Tsum Tsum eggs and purchasing them 1 egg at a time costs me more than buying a full box!

My to-go-to app when I can't do shopping!

My first purchase that made me addicted to Shopee !

Then I ended up ordering more Tsum Tsums for Kyle!

So back to my Birthday Lootbag!  I started searching for paperbags!  I originally wanted an ecobag or a bag that can be reused (lunch bag or school bag) but I was just too tired every single night to search for good ones (Maarte kasi ako, maraming requirements!)  #BawiNextYear

After discussion with the hubby, water bottle is still the most useful item for kids and adults alike.  Found a nice "notebook water bottle" with a container for snacks on the side!

 Then of course, it won't be a birthday lootbag without snacks!  I went for chips, cookies and candies!

Siyempre a mix of everything that Kyle loves! I was actually surprised I found Haw Haw milk candies!  From there, umabot sa Ovaltinies and jelly ace!  This lootbag is like "A Bag of Kyle's Favorite Things"

Overall, I can't tell if the party was a success but judging by the look of my son's face when we prepared all these, it was WORTH IT!  I also want to thank the school and teachers for being helpful and chill about this!

I was so tired that day but I pulled out a red lippie and so far, so good no?

So yes, even if I lack sleep and my eyebags are almost down to my cheeks, I can actually say, I threw a nice party for my son and he was happy and thankful about it!  I have to thank online selling sites like Shopee for making my life easier as a very busy mom!

Do you have another favorite online shopping site for busy peeps like YOU and ME?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Shoppee makes life easier for me too. I can sometimes ask for discount from the seller.

    1. I agree!!! Super easy-to-talk to pa mga sellers


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