Saturday, April 21, 2018

Keeping It Together KIT Ken Charger Organizer is the Way To Go!

Whether you travel or a lot or not?  I actually like using this on a regular basis because seeing wires inside a bag can stress a busy gal who needs to move fast whenever-wherever.  

Thankfully, I was gifted this last Christmas and the Mr. and I were excited about this but because I am a "loving wife" (hahaha), I gave it to him as I know he lug more cable wires than I do!  

KIT Ken Charger Organizer

KIT Ken Charger Organizer is a 5 piece,all in one organizer that can be carried in one go. Made of heavy duty, double inner lining that holds your chargers in place. The most versatile charger organizer you can find.

It looks like a CD Case (if naabutan niyo, lol), inside, you find 2 long pouches and 2 smaller ones!  Each pouch has icons printed so you'll know which particular gadget the cable is for!

I also like it that I can use the side pocket of the bag itself!  This is where I like to store my Small Powerbanks or maybe, more cables and wires?

As for the quality, I have nothing to say as I have used so many KIT products in the past and they last a long time.  As for this organizer, it is made with double inner lining so it holds everything in place!  Very sturdy yet compact!

Everything fits PERFECTLY!  So I don't forget ANY cables whenever I go out-of-town!

I love this in black and I personally think others may want to have other color options.  As for me, who wants to see dirty pouches?  So Black it is!

Do you think you need such organizer?

KIT is a one stop shop where you find everything you need to keep things together.  For more information visit .

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