Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weekend Food Trip at: Bugis Chomp Chomp

So I used to think Banawe St. is only for guys who loves their cars!
Then I frequent Banawe because it is in the middle of my home my and parents so we love to dine there on weekends.

Another thing, my son's school is also near the area so sometimes, we have lunch in this area before going home.  So yes, I already tried 98% of the restaurants there!  *laughs*

One restaurant that I see often is Bugis Chomp Chomp because for the fact that it is next to my favorite Milk Tea place - Dakasi.  The Mister and I tried their Fish balls, Squid Balls, etc... on sticks "take out" but never really tried dining in until recently.

There's nothing special with the interiors of the restaurant, it looks like most restaurants you find in Singapore, those near hawkers!  But when I took a glance at their menu, I knew that they have more than streetfood to offer!

I went for rice meals because I was extremely hungry.

Spring Rolls
Around Php120-Php150.00
This is one of the best tasting spring rolls I've tried.  It is very crunchy, evenly "browned" and the vinegar that comes with it makes it even more awesome!!!

Chicken Teriyaki
It may look like regular Chicken Teriyaki you see in most Japanese restaurants but I actually like the sauce!  It's not too sweet (hindi sugar lang ng sugar) and it has a nice distinct taste.  I wish they come with more sauce as I want them drizzled all over my rice.

Pork Teriyaki
I was surprised when this was served as I thought we were served BEEF!  But this Pork Teriyaki is so unique because it feels like you're eating Bacon Teriyaki!  Even, thinly sliced pork with the right amount of fat and lean meat!  I am loving this I want to go back just for this!

And would you be surprised to know that Bugis Chomp Chomp serves dessert like Ice cream?  I've decided to forego the dessert as I have Magnum's newest ice cream flavor --- Hazelnut Luxe !

Intense Belgian chocolate with hazelnut pieces!  You also get hazelnut ice cream inside so this will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

Have you tried Bugis Chomp Chomp restaurant in Manila?
Have you also tried Magnum's newest flavor?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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