Monday, April 23, 2018

Etude House Silk Scarf Protein Ampoule Treatment Review

So I have always been a hair products girl, even inside a makeup and skincare land --- Etude House, I actually look forward to their "hair care products" area and look for unique products.

One product line that caught my attention is the SILK SCARF line.  With this line comes a slim box that says "Damage Protein Ampoule Treatment".

The product caught me at "Damage", so I grabbed it right away thinking this comes in a glass bottle or something like "facial ampoules".  

It was a nice surprise to see an "Injection" instead.  Thumbs up for packaging.  

Etude House Silk Scarf Protein Ampoule Treatment

This treatment contains 9 kinds of protein other than keratin protein and 17 kinds of amino acids that fill up dry and damaged hair with both moisture and nutrition and coats hair for firm and volumized hair.

Inside the injection comes a cream-like product just like regular hair treatment creams you find in tubs.  I guess the injection is a way of making it easier to get into the roots or certain areas of your hair.  I personally think the packaging doesn't do much as I still like to use my fingers in massaging the product into the scalp down to the tips of the hair.

Packaging aside, let's talk about the treatment itself --- the Ampoule treatment.

  • The product smells really nice.
  • I felt squeezing out the product on your hand and spread out evenly on your hair is much better than doing the "injection" thing.
  • The product is silkier than regular hair treatments.
  • Hair feels soft and smooth after first treatment but the effect goes away after a week or so.  I highly recommend to do this regularly depending on your hair situation.
  • On the downside, since it is housed in an "injection" packaging, the product is limited so if you have long and shall I say, thick hair too, 1 injection may not be enough to see results.
  • Non-greasy.  Hair feels lightweight the next day.

This was my hair the day after the treatment, I color my hair quarterly (at least) and look how long my hair is at the moment, the ends are extremely dry.

Have you seen Silk Scarf Protein line inside Etude House 
or do you just look for makeup and skincare products?

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  1. The packaging reminds me of the piolang (I'm not sure) one that I saw from Althea. EH have other products in silk line but I'm more interested in their fantasy hair color.


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