Sunday, May 27, 2018

Weekend Food Trip at: Bad Bird, Robinsons Manila

My family and I love to go out for simple bonding during weekends!  No matter how tired we both are (Mr. AMW and I) from work, we try as much as we can to always make time for families...because, they are our inspirations naman!

One thing we are looking forward to are our weekly "food trips".  We enjoy trying out new restaurants because that's what we are as a family --- we love to eat..PERIOD :P

One mall that we frequent to is Robinsons Manila, thankfully, after rounding out almost all the restaurants there, they have a new wing with more restaurants!  Bad Bird is finally at Robinsons Manila and I had to take my family there because I tried this restaurant once during an event!

Dirty Rice Plate
4pcs Fried Rice with Rice + Hush Puppies
Php695.00 for Double Serving

The chicken is flavorful, yes, but if you ask me, my favorite is still from Kettle, that's my preference by the way so don't keep my word for it! 

The Hush Puppies are golden-fried corn bread.  I prefer my corn bread baked than fried as I find it too oily for my taste.  I can only eat half bite and leave the rest behind due to the oily taste.

Smoked Bacon
Another way to enjoy your bacon.  It has a smoky bacon taste which I like and I love the extra serving of bell peppers as I love Bell Peppers!

Overall, Bad Bird is a nice restaurant to try especially if you are into chicken dishes.  You have to make sure that you have extra option for your kids as not all kids enjoy the spice of their fried chicken!  I've seen on next table how an older kid didn't enjoy this chicken while my son chewed away!

Bad Bird
Robinsons Place Manila, Midtown Wing, 
Adriatico St, Ermita, Manila

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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