Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How to: Quick and Easy "Glass Skin"

Glass Skin is now a craze!  I have never thought of getting into the bandwagon of creating one because who really appreciates Glass Skin?  Those living in North Pole and South Pole maybe?  Those who don't mind piling on serums, moisturizers, oil on top of that, adding more "glowing" makeup products to create that clear, luminous and glowing skin!

Then, recently, I've noticed that my makeup application is creating more "glow", I even caught a lot of you sending DMs to me over Instagram asking me to do a tutorial on "How to Create Glass Skin."

Baka "Accidental Glass Skin" is what you mean.  As I never intend to really have that Glass Skin effect, I'm just one busy gal who wants to cut-short my makeup routine and thus, created something really nice as an effect!  

Would you believe that you can create Glass Skin with skincare (long term) but you can fake one with makeup?  I DID!  And best of all, it was a combination of Skincare + Makeup so my skin gets benefited from it!

My Version of a Glass Skin!

a photo on How to achieve glass skin easily by Nikki Tiu of www.askmewhats.com

And you don't need gazillion products to create one!  All you need is a ---
1. Matte Foundation.
2. A Whitening Cream that gives instant whitening effect.

The products I picked to create this tutorial is The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation  and my newfound perfect-looking skin discovery - Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream!

a review of Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream

Obviously, you can use Snow Whitening Cream from Esfolio on it's own, a final step before you go on to your makeup routine.  As for me, anything that gives "instant whitening" effect could give me a white cast I am trying to stay away from whenever I take photos!  So, I always like to mix it with a choice of foundation.  I picked Matte because personally speaking, Matte Foundation has more makeup pigment to it than a tinted moisturizer or hydrating moisturizer.  Since the Snow Whitening Cream is hydrating enough, I just wanted to add "color" to it to create my own "Glowing Foundation" ---  you don't have to do the "mixing" like I do as you can achieve it with ANY Cushion Foundation (closest to create Glass Skin effect is my AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion)

But there's a reason why I like to show you this quick tutorial, CUSHION foundation are mostly light in color!  For my AMW friends who have medium to darker complexion, I'm sure you can relate on how difficult it is to purchase the right shade of Cushion for you!  So with this tip, you can easily create your own "Cushion Foundation" because you are using a foundation shade that is already matched to your skin tone!

Now let's start creating "Glass Skin" base makeup!

I put a small amount of Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream beside a quarter-size amount of matte foundation as shown on photo below.

a review of Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream

I use a dry Beauty Blender, using only the tip of the sponge, mix everything together making sure everything is well-blended.

a photo of How to achieve glass skin easily by Nikki Tiu of www.askmewhats.com

Apply as usual.  It is very important to apply this with a DRY SPONGE because damp sponge will reduce the whitening effect of the Snow Whitening Cream.

a photo of How to achieve glass skin easily by Nikki Tiu of www.askmewhats.com

It is very important to dab and press the product, this will help keep moisture intact thus will also help in creating inner glow.

a photo of How to achieve glass skin easily by Nikki Tiu of www.askmewhats.com

To those who have combination or oily skin, set key areas of your face with a translucent powder.  Tony Moly has a star-like luminous loose powder, you can opt for that to keep the glow.  As for me, I just use a loose powder and set the undereye area, sides of the nose and chin and leave the rest as is.

a photo of How to achieve glass skin easily by Nikki Tiu of www.askmewhats.com

Easy as that!
How do you find my version of a Glass Skin using only 2 products?

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